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Pressing Comb or Flat Iron?


Pressing Comb or Flat Iron?

A reader recently asked which is best for straightening natural hair: a pressing (or hot) comb or flat iron?

My answer, knowing how far flat irons have come in recent years, is the iron, especially the ones with ceramic plates. Forget about the older models with metal plates, as these are really no better for your hair than a stove-top hot comb.

Most of the newer flat irons have temperature controls, which is an essential feature if you don't want to fry your mane. But you still need to be careful when thermal styling.

  • To avoid heat damage,you may need to adjust the temperature to the texture of your hair. Since many of us have some areas that are more or less curly and in need of more or less heat, turn the temperature up or down as needed.
  • Don't forget a good-quality heat protectant.
  • Wrap your hair at night between heat styling sessions to maintain volume and cut down on further flat ironing.

More tips for flat iron success can help you get the sleek tresses you want without the damaging effects of heat.

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