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Locs or Locks - What are Locs or Locks? - Black Hair - About.com
Definition: Short for or replacing the somewhat negative term "dreadlocks," locs is a hairstyle where the hair that one would normally comb or shed locks on itself, ...
Different Styles for Starting Locs - Rolls, Twists and Braids - Black Hair
Once you decide you want to grow locs, you'll need to choose a starter loc style. Basically, this is a loc-friendly hairstyle that, with proper maintenance and time, ...
My Locs Are Falling Out - Black Hair - About.com
Are you losing locs, and you don't know why? Find out common reasons for loc falling and what you can do about it.
Maintain and Groom Locs - How-to Videos - About.com
Learn how to properly maintain and groom locs, so your child's hair stays healthy and strong.
5 Stages of Loc Hair - Black Hair - About.com
Find out what stages natural black hair goes through and what to expect as your hair locs.
Picture of Natural Hairstyle Locs - Black Hair - About.com
Picture of Natural Hairstyle Locs. ... A Head of Gorgeous, Long Locs. locs - Nedjetti. Photographer: Eric Von Lockhart Makeup: DeShawn Hatcher Designer ...
How Long Will it Take My Hair to Loc? - Black Hair - About.com
While people with straight or wavy hair can achieve locs, they may need some help in the product department. Plus, hair with a looser texture will simply take a ...
Blonde Locs 9 - Black Hair - About.com
The natural nature of locs allows for bright colors that may otherwise damage chemically processed hair. Kasi Lemmons opts for light blonde locs that fall ...
Care for Natural Black Hair Styles - About.com
So you enjoy wearing your hair chemical-free, but caring for natural black hair is very different from caring for relaxed styles. See how to care for locs, twists, ...
Organic Root Stimulator Lock & Twist Gel Review - Black Hair
Wondering if ORS Lock & Twist Gel is what you need for your locs or twists? Find out in this product review what it's all about.
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