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Services to Save for the Salon


You're pretty savvy when it comes to taking care of your hair on a day-to-day basis. You know how to keep your locks healthy and flourishing. While home hair care is a must for many women, there are still a few services you should entrust to a great stylist.

1. Relaxer

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Home relaxing kits take a good deal of guesswork out of straightening black hair, but these convenient kits are also a big culprit in some of the biggest hair problems women and children suffer from. Whether it's because the user doesn't follow directions, the chemicals are too harsh or the product isn't the best quality, relaxing the hair isn't always easy, even for the pros. Improper relaxing can cause:

  • Breakage
  • Dryness
  • Scalp/skin damage
  • Chemical burns
  • Hair loss

It can be costly visiting your favorite salon for relaxers and touch-ups, but if your hair stays healthier as a result, it's worth the trip. It's all too easy to overprocess your hair when you relax it yourself, so this is one of the main services you should always save for a professional.

To make these visits more affordable, try stretching out your visits are far as possible. This may even mean a style change, as short, chic cuts with tapered backs and sides often require more upkeep and more frequent touch-ups to keep the style in shape. A medium to longer length bob won't require as much maintenance.

2. Cut

Trying to cut your hair at home, or even leaving it in the hands of an "experienced" friend, can quickly turn into a disaster.

All hair pros aren't equal when it comes to cutting hair, so you'll have to do more homework than usual if you want a hot, new cut. Some stylists specialize in color, while others are renowned for sharp haircuts that turn heads. Trimming your hair at home is one thing, but getting a fierce cut is a completely different animal. Not only should you save serious cuts for a pro, but make sure you visit one who's known for wielding shears better than anyone else.

Examples of cuts that a great stylist should do:

3. Color

As with home relaxer kits, those boxes and boxes of hair color on store shelves make it look so easy. And much of the time, you can get a fair coloring job from a well-known brand. When it comes time to touch up that hair color, however, you may feel a little lost. Plus, there's the problem of hot roots that affects so many amateur colorists. If you want to lift more than two shades higher than your natural color, it's best to see a professional to get the job done. Otherwise, you run the risk of a botched color job that's not easy to hide. If you have any kind of other chemical process on your tresses, then visiting a color pro is a must, to avoid overprocessing and damage.

Just because some services are better left to professionals doesn't mean you have to go broke if you want your hair to be on point. Research the beauty schools in your area, as you can get the same processes done, but at a fraction of the price. If possible, ask that an instructor or advanced student work on your hair.

Examples of color work you should see a pro for:

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