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Black Hair Care & Styles


Afro-textured hair requires different care from naturally straight hair. Black hair can vary widely in texture, from wavy strands to tightly kinked curls. Learning how to care for your hair, whether you wear it natural, pressed, relaxed or texturized, will ensure that it stays healthy.
  1. Basic Care
  2. Black Hairstyles
  3. Chemical Processes

Basic Care

Healthy hair should be your ultimate goal. While growing long locks may be important to you, if your hair isn't in good shape, length doesn't matter. See how to pamper your hair and give it the TLC it needs to flourish and grow.

Black Hairstyles

You can look all around you for hair inspiration. Maybe you have a friend who's always on the cutting edge; perhaps your favorite celebrities sport the hottest trends, motivating you to follow suit. Long, short, straight, curly, weaved or not -- hair should be fun! This collection of hairstyles should at least give you some ideas, in terms of cuts, colors and what's hot right now.

Chemical Processes

Black hair offers much in terms of versatility. Curly, straight and wavy are just a few textures you can explore. When it comes to color, you're only hampered by your creativity. Even though natural hair free of chemical straighteners is gaining in popularity, some people will never leave their straightened tresses behind. Caring for relaxed, texturized and/or color-treated hair requires regular pampering and gentle handling to keep it in tip-top shape.

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