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3 Signs You Need a Hair Trim

Let Those Bad Ends Go


One of the last things a woman who is trying to grow longer hair wants to hear is that she needs to trim or cut her ends. It defeats the purpose of growing long hair, right? While the initial service can be painful and discouraging, when you trim away old ends which are doing nothing for your style, you make way for healthy, stronger hair.

Still not convinced? Think about it this way: is it better to have long hair with ragged, stringy ends or shorter hair that's healthy all over?

These three signs that you need a hair trim may help you the next time you're reluctant to let go of any precious inches.

1. Split Ends

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As much as we may want one, there is no magic cure that will truly repair split ends. All you can do is prolong the inevitable, which is a trim or cut. The longer you wait to rid your hair of split ends, the higher the likelihood that split ends will turn into split hair strands that are even more damaged. Take a look at the ends of your hair; split ends are easy to spot. Instead of a single hair strand that's intact all the way to the end, a split end looks just like that: two separate strands of hair at the bottom of the hair shaft, sticking away from one another. As hard as it may be, say "adios" to those for the health of your hair.

2. Damaged Hair

Maybe you flat ironed your hair with temperatures that were too high. Or you applied an at-home hair color that left your hair in sad shape. You may also experience ends that tangle incredibly easy, making it difficult to comb all the way through. If you look at them closely, you may see small knots. This can be the result of extreme dryness, due to a lack of regular deep conditioning. However your hair becomes damaged, this compromised hair needs to be removed. Oftentimes, damaged hair has lost its elasticity, is very porous, breaks off with ease, or is crunchy and hard. If you've fallen victim to unhealthy practices that have left your hair damaged, there's usually little you can do except to start from scratch, with a trim or cut.

3. Hair Out of Shape

Your hair may be perfectly healthy, but you've noticed that your style isn't as fresh as it used to be. You experience a lot of flyaway strands or you have to put more time in to get your 'do just right. This is another sign it may be time for a trim. The longer your hair grows, the more it gets pulled down due to its own weight. While this is good news for anyone who wants her hair to hang gracefully, it's not so good if you like gravity-defying styles that feature details such as flipped bangs and choppy layers. Make regular trim appointments with your stylist so that your 'do is always on point.

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