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Rihanna - Her Hair Through the Years

Many Changes, Many Hot Styles


She's a style chameleon and never afraid to switch up her look. Cut, color, texture -- Rihanna does it all. This gallery of her ever-changing hairstyles through the years showcases just how fearless the singer is when it comes to wearing what's hot and paving the way for others to follow her lead.
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rihanna hairRihanna Style - August 2005rihanna hairRihanna in September 2005rihanna hairRihanna - August 2006rihanna hairRihanna - November 2006
rihanna hairRihanna - December 2006rihanna hairRihanna - February 2007rihanna hairRihanna - May 2007rihanna hairRihanna - June 2007
rihanna hairRihanna - August 2007rihanna hairRihanna's Style in August 2007rihanna hairRihanna's Short Bob - October 2007rihanna hairRihanna's Big Curls - November 2007

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