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Pictures of Nicki Minaj Hair Styles


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Nicki Minaj in Green-Tinted Bob
Nicki Minaj visits BET's 106 & Park at BET Studios
Bryan Bedder/Staff/Getty Images Entertainment

She's gone through more hairstyle switches than just about any other celebrity working today, but instead of wrecking her own hair with too many color changes or drastic cuts, Nicki Minaj does it the smart way -- with enhancements like wigs and extensions. This gallery of the many looks of Nicki showcases soft looks, wild and crazy styles, and even wigs that you can pull off. If you've always wondered how to wear hair enhancements, take a look and see how it's done by a pro!

Donning a soft green bob, Nicki proves that while the color may be a little out there, this is a style that can work for many. Save it for the weekend instead of the office, though.

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