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Pictures of Nicki Minaj Hair Styles


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Nicki Is Brilliant in Blue
nicki minaj

September 12, 2011 NYC - Nicki Minaj at the Betsey Johnson Spring 2012 fashion show.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Sure, black, brown, red, copper and blonde are beautiful colors, but why not try blue for something completely different and unforgettable? This straight and curly combo features a Nicki signature -- the blunt cut bangs. The fringe frames her face nicely while the voluminous curls in the back add height and drama.

Nicki Minaj has made a career out of extremely bold hairstyles that are not for the shy. While you don't have to go blue, green or hot pink, you can find a wig that suits you perfectly. Use these hair enhancements for quick style changes that allow for a world of experimentation without fear of damage. Now you can be a platinum blonde or have hair down your back, even if just for the day. Hair can be as much fun as you want it to be, so take a cue from Nicki if you've always wondered what you'd look like as a blue-haired beauty, but were afraid to try it.

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