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Pictures of Ombre Hair


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Pictures of Ombre Hair - Chanel Iman
Pictures of Ombre Hair

Chanel Iman at Sunglass Hut 5th Avenue - September 8, 2011 - New York.

Gabriela Maj/Getty Images

Hair color doesn't have to be flat and one-dimensional, as these ombre hair pictures show. As one of the newest trends to hit the world of color, if offers nearly endless possibilities for color devotees. In a nutshell, ombre hair is usually two different shades, a darker one closer to the roots and a lighter (sometimes much lighter) one on the ends, or beginning midway down the hair shaft to the ends. One of the reasons this trend offers so much variation is that you choose where you want your complementary/contrasting color to begin.

Don't be fooled that ombre means you can simply let an old color grow out in a messy fashion, although some women happen upon it this way. Yes, it's a lower-maintenance process than others, but it's still wise to visit a stylist at your salon to have the service done, particularly if you want a drastic color that requires lifting more than two shades.

As model Chanel Iman shows here, a flattering darker hue at the roots gradually morphs into a lighter cinnamon color -- the color changes in ombre hair can be very dramatic, or more subtle.

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