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Best of Black Celebrity Hairstyles


Wondering how many shades of blonde exist or how hot curly hair can look on you? If famous faces are a source of inspiration and ideas, then this roundup of some of the best of black celebrity hair is for you.

1. Black and Blonde

Chris Polk/Getty Images
Longtime blondes like Mary J. Blige and Eve are joined by newcomers like Rihanna and Leona Lewis in this showcase dedicated exclusively to the many shades of this eye-catching color. From dark blonde to honey to high platinum, see if one of these blonde 'dos may be just right for your next style switch.

2. Trendy Styles

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
You're always on the latest trend bandwagon, whether it's about shoes, nail polish or hairstyles. This photo gallery is full of what's new in black hair, from thick bangs to combo styles. Avant garde also gets an update; and who better to model the hottest short cut but Halle Berry?

3. Party Hair

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
When it's party time, you want a special 'do that stands out. These 12 selections, sported by Queen Latifah, Jill Scott, Ashanti, Siedah Garrett and more offer party-ready styles that run the spectrum from straight to curly to locked. One of the best aspects of special occasion hair is the freedom to wear a style that's normally too much for the office, so if you need help achieving any of these gala-worthy looks, then pull out your favorite wig, extensions or clip-ons!

4. Formal Styles

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Need an elegant style to go along with that formal gown? Then these looks may give you just the inspiration you need. Sleek and sophisticated, these lovely 'dos are perfect for very important occasions.

5. Flattering Looks by Face Shape

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images
Have you ever wondered why that hairstyle you wanted so badly doesn't look quite right on you? It may be because it's not the best style for your particular face shape. Whether your face is round, long, square or oval, there is a perfect look for you. These celebrity faces demonstrate how to select the most flattering hairstyle depending on your unique shape.

6. Bangs That Rock

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
One of the quickest and easiest ways to update your look is by cutting bangs. All bangs are not the same, however. They can be thick and bold or soft and wispy. Which bang style is right for you? Take a look at these celeb styles to get an idea of which one you can rock, whether it's Keri Hilson's blonde-tipped fringe, Lisa Raye's superbly full bangs or Jada Pinkett Smith's curly take on the variation.

7. Full of Color

Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Another way to quickly add dimension to your 'do is with color. So many possibilities, so little time! You can choose a subtle hint of deep coffee or go dramatic with bright blonde. Even clip-in extensions can give you a fast style change with no permanence or obligation. If you've always wanted to color your hair, but didn't know where to start, this roundup full of shades may be the best starting point.

8. Curls, Curls, Curls

Dave Hogan/Getty Images
Straight hairstyles can often look very similar, but curly 'dos are a different story. Curls can be small and tight, or large and lush. You may have natural curls that lend themselves well to wash-and-gos or you may need a little help in that department. No matter -- curls are always fun. This celeb showcase has curls of all shapes, sizes and lengths, from Monique Coleman's huge and voluminous 'fro to Lisa Gay Hamilton's short, neat style.

9. Rihanna Style Showcase

Rob Loud/Getty Images
What celebrity hair roundup would be complete without the style chameleon herself, Rihanna? This picturesque gallery is full of Rihanna's looks over the years, from long locks to the rare curly 'do. See what makes her such a style icon by viewing the dozens of hairstyles she's worn and worn so well.
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