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Care and Styles for Children's Hair

You want your child to have a cute, age-appropriate style. Gentle care and easy styling are best for children's hair, so find out which styles and accessories are perfect for school days, play days or special occasions.

Five Ways to Help Kids Love Their Natural Hair
Instill a love of natural hair early. Kids emulate what they see and pick up on your attitudes about hair texture, whether yours or someone else's. These tips help parents and caregivers show the love when it comes to black hair.

10 Girls Hairstyles Parents Will Love
Black hair offers plenty of versatility, as these girls' hairstyles will show you. Want cute styles for your little girl that are gentle on her hair? Be inspired by these pictures of braids, twists, puffs and more.

CURLS Products for the Youngest Set
This gentle line of hair care products will keep babies', toddlers' and young children's tresses in great shape, gently and effectively.

What Is Biracial Hair?
Is there such a texture as "biracial hair"?

With Young Children's Hair, Less Is More
Very young children don't need a lot of styling tools and accessories to make their hair look good. Resist the urge to turn little ones into product junkies and instead let their hair look great -- naturally.

5 Ways to Make Hair Grooming a Great Experience for Children
Want to make your next hairstyling session easy on your child? Try these five easy steps and leave those "tenderheaded" days behind!

Easy Ways to Stretch Curly Hair Without Chemicals
You don't always have to rely on relaxers or thermal styling to stretch curls. These gentle methods can stretch curls without damage.

At What Age Can I Relax a Child's Hair?
Some people see relaxing black hair as a rite of passage, so what age is appropriate for applying straightening chemicals to natural hair?

Caring for Your African American or Biracial Child's Hair
With the rise in interracial relationships, marriages and adoptions, many parents of black and biracial children wonder what to do about caring for their child's hair when it differs drastically from their own. This helpful article from the Adoption channel is specifically for parents who want to know how to treat their child's hair gently and properly.

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