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Clairol Professional Celebrity Colorist Kiyah Wright Interview


Clairol Professional Celebrity Colorist Kiyah Wright Interview

Kiyah Wright

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Clairol Professional Celebrity Colorist Kiyah Wright has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment today, such as Tyra Banks, Jennifer Hudson and Ciara. According to Kiyah -- who'll give us details on her most recent visit to the Bronner Bros. International Hair Show -- some of the biggest trends seen at the show included:
  • Bright, bold and vibrant: From color blocking to chunky highlights, blonde and gold are the most popular colors today, replacing last year's trend of red and copper. On a budget? Then go with ombre, which has a more affordable upkeep.
  • Natural: Kiyah recommends a great hydrating shampoo for natural-haired ladies; this is especially important if you also wear hair color. She also suggests a good leave-in conditioner and curl cream for styling.
  • Extensions: Want to switch your look without taking drastic measures? Then extensions are the way to go. Kiyah says to "make sure the extensions are high quality and can withstand both heat and color" for the ultimate in versatility.

Black Hair (BH): For anyone who’s not lucky enough to attend the Bronner Bros. International Hair Show, can you describe your experience at this year’s event?

Kiyah Wright (KW): The Bronner Bros. Show is a great experience for African American hairstylists. It helps them to learn about current and future hair trends in the ethnic market, provides product knowledge, and showcases new talent in the textured market. It’s a great place to see new hairstyling trends, meet all of your favorite hair stylists and to see the new innovations in the ethnic hair industry.

BH: Gold and blonde are the hot hair colors this year. What advice can you give to women who want to experiment with these bold colors?

KW: The safest way to experiment is to consult with your stylist to help select the right shade for your skin tone. Every skin tone requires a different haircolor process.

BH: Can you name a few of your favorite hair products, and how you use them?

KW: Clairol Professional Jazzing is a semi-permanent color that is one of my all-time favorites. It's perfect for giving hair a natural shine, while adding dimension and coverage. Clairol Pro Beautiful Collection is another of my favorites. Again, it provides great coverage and is easy to use, and is also very cost-effective. The best part about Clairol Pro products is that the color classes are extremely accurate so whatever it says on the bottle is what you should expect in your end result. The new liquicolor permanente Gray Busters NN shades, in particular, provide excellent coverage for resistant greys.

BH: For the woman who wants to try out multi-colored hair, what color combos do you think are in this season/year?

KW: It's all about the pastel hues this season! Try mixing blonde with pastel pink streaks or tips, or green with purple. Both are great color combos for fun spring and summer hair.

BH: That sounds like advice that Nicki Minaj follows faithfully! As a busy celebrity stylist, how do you take care of your own hair

KW: I like my hair blonde so in order to save my own hair, I put in extensions. That way, I can experiment and play around with different color options without having to worry about the damage.

BH: If someone is hesitant about changing her hair color, how can she take baby steps toward trying something new?

KW: If wanting to go blonde, start by taking the hair up three to four levels and going a bit lighter on the ends for a milder ombre effect.

Thank you, Kiyah, for keeping us in the know for what's new in hair color! For more information on Kiyah and the Bronner Bros. International Hair Show, visit Bronner Bros.

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