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Interview with Annette Jones of California Lace Wigs & Weaves


Interview with Annette Jones of California Lace Wigs & Weaves

Annette Jones, Owner of CLWW

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Interview with Annette Jones of California Lace Wigs & Weaves

CLWW Products

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Interview with Annette Jones of California Lace Wigs & Weaves

Annette Jones, Owner of CLWW

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Interview with Annette Jones, a True Lace Wig Expert:

Want to learn more about lace wigs, and if they're a viable option for you? Who better to consult than an expert like Annette Jones, owner of California Lace Wigs & Weaves? Black Hair is proud to present an exclusive interview with Ms. Jones, where she details her expertise, what you should look for when buying and general care, among many other informational topics.

Black Hair (BH): How long have you been in the lace wig business, and how did you get started in the industry?

Annette Jones (AJ): I have been officially selling lace wigs since 2005. I always had a passion for hair, I'm so particular about my own hair and was tired of wearing hair from beauty supply stores that would last just a few weeks or less. When purchasing the hair, I was under the impression, like many women, that it was top quality remy hair; I had no idea I was paying for non cuticle aligned hair that was silicon treated. The hair would bunch up at the nape and tangle like no one's business. After years of struggling with poor quality hair, I went on a worldwide search for top quality hair in the form of wigs and extensions and that’s how I got into the business.

BH: What should customers look for when buying lace wigs?

AJ: Definitely look for a store/vendor that has been around for awhile; there are tons of fly-by-night lace wig stores popping up on the net -- here today, gone tomorrow. Avoid this at all costs. You want to make sure you can speak with someone who is knowledgeable about 100% human hair and can answer all your questions. You want to shop at a store that has a solid reputation for top quality hairpieces and nothing less. Like the old saying goes: "You get what you pay for.” Online and brick-and-mortar lace wig stores that are selling lace wigs for $79 and less -- more than likely the hair is synthetic or mixed with synthetic fibers, the cap is not a true Swiss lace cap and the wig is made with wefted tracks sewn in place, giving the illusion of a real lace wig. So be careful when you shop lace wigs, ask around and be sure to research before investing.

BH: What makes Malaysian hair higher quality than Indian hair?

AJ: Malaysian hair is not a higher quality hair per se, but it does have some benefits in our opinion that outweigh other hair textures on the market. Malaysian hair is thicker, stronger, and manipulates with ease. The hair does not frizz, tangle or matt if cared for correctly. It holds a curl well, the texture is always soft and bouncy and it matches most hair textures of all women. Malaysian hair is absolutely beautiful in its natural texture and because the hair is thicker and stronger, it processes into other textures exceptionally well while still maintaining its integrity.

BH: How should a woman care for her lace wig on a daily basis?

AJ: A lace wig should be worn as if it is your natural hair growing from your scalp. Just like your stylist says, stay away from heat as much as possible, the same goes true for a lace wig. I highly recommend to all my customers to avoid heat at whatever cost. Heat can be damaging to your natural hair, as well as a lace wig. After all, it is human hair. If your lace wig is straight, wrap your hair at night with a silk/satin scarf before bed. Air dry opposed to blow dry, roller set or pin curl and avoid heating tools, such as flat ironing, hot curling, etc. as much as possible.

BH: Who would you say is the ideal customer for a lace wig?

AJ: An ideal customer can be absolutely anyone. Women today use lace wigs for many reasons. I have customers who have medical hair loss, alopecia, undergoing cancer/thyroid treatment, battling hormone issues...there are women who wear lace wigs while transitioning from relaxed hair to go natural and those that rock the wigs as a protective style to maintain their very own tresses.

BH: What is the process for applying a lace wig?

See a video from CLWW which details the process and includes helpful tips.

BH: What sets your company apart from its competitors?

AJ: We definitely stand out among the rest. We have exceptional customer service. I personally answer each and every email that goes to CLWW. Our hair is hand picked for quality. We only offer 100% pure imported human hair, no synthetic fibers or fillers in any of our hairpieces. Each hair product has to pass a 10-point inspection before leaving our headquarters. Quality control is key. We specialize in density, curvature hairlines, and top quality premium hair. We cater to the entertainment industry and ship wigs worldwide. Because of our reputation, we are one of the most sought after lace wig stores on the web.

BH: Can you tell us more about the different products you offer?

AJ: We offer full lace and glueless wigs, of course, clip-in extensions, hand tied and machine wefts, we also offer closure and frontals, which are hairpieces that complete a full head weave. Last but not least, we offer a full line of hair care products for maintaining healthy hair. We sell adhesives, adhesive removers and tapes for installation. We stock knot sealers and other products for hair maintenance. Re-ventilation and installation of clips are the new services we now offer. We stock a huge variety of hair in multiple colors, lengths and textures. We also give you the option to custom order any hairpiece based on your specific needs; the turnaround time is fast and easy. Our store is online, but you get a feel for being in a showroom because of all the images and detailed information we provide to you on our website. We have live chat, email and direct phone lines available for questions.

We are excited to announce to you FIRST the opening of our one-of-a-kind wholesale/distributor site, which will launch early Feb 2012. This amazing website will offer stylists, salon owners and industry professionals a place to shop all our premium quality hair products at wholesale prices. There’s no better way to sell quality hair you can be proud to install and increase revenues at the same time. Shop CLWW Retail now and Wholesale coming soon!

BH: I would like to thank Ms. Jones for such an informative interview! I learned a lot about lace wigs and extensions. If you'd like to see what her company has to offer, please visit California Lace Wigs & Weaves today.

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