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Hair Additions: Human Hair


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About Human Weave Hair:

As the name implies, this is hair that people have sold or donated, and it comes primarily from Asia. These are some common characteristics of human weave hair. Once you find out what human hair can and cannot do, you'll be better informed to make a buying and styling decision. You may want to go with human hair extensions if:

You Want to Color It:

If you can't find a human hair weave in the exact shade you want, you can always have a stylist color it for you. This is especially helpful if you want to go with a color that requires too much lifting on your hair to be safe (particularly relaxed hair).

You Want to Heat Style It:

Human hair weaves can be styled much like your own hair with flat irons or curling irons, so switching up your look is relatively easy. Just like your own hair, however, you need to be careful with the amount of heat you place on the extensions - use heat that's too high and it will damage the weave just as it would damage your hair.

You Want to Perm It:

A hairstylist can chemically treat human hair additions if you want another look. You can take a straight weave style and perm it so that it's wavy or curly. If you're not sure about chemically treating your own hair, experiment with a human hair weave to see if it's something you like.

You Want a Free-Flowing Look:

For that bouncy and carefree look that blows in the wind, go with human hair. It tends to look more realistic than synthetic hair and because you can use the same tools on it as you do on your natural hair, it usually feels better to the touch as well.

You Don't Mind the Cost:

Human weave hair is more costly than synthetic hair. Just because you're paying more, however, doesn't always mean you're getting the best quality product. Make sure you're getting 100% human hair for the best results.
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