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Hair Additions: Synthetic Hair


About Synthetic Hair:

Synthetic hair can be made from a variety of synthetic fibers. Walk into the nearest beauty supply store and you're likely to see a wall filled from top to bottom with hair in a huge variety of colors, lengths and textures. Easy to find and readily available, you might want synthetic hair for weaving if:

You Want to Save Money:

This type of hair weave is generally much less expensive than human hair. However, don't let cost be the only consideration when it comes to selecting hair for weaving. When it comes to hair additions, you tend to get what you pay for.

You Want Individual Braids:

Synthetic hair doesn't lend itself well to the free-flowing styles that human hair does, but if you're fashioning individual braids or braids with additions, synthetic hair will offer you affordability and a lot of options in this area. Unlike human hair, you can seal the ends of synthetic braids with heat to prevent them from unraveling.

You're Comfortable with One Texture or Style:

Because you cannot apply thermal tools to this type of hair, you'll have to love the texture you choose. If your synthetic weave is curly, it's going to stay that way the duration of the application. Since synthetic hair is relatively inexpensive, you may not mind wearing a curly ponytail addition for just a couple of weeks before switching to something different.
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