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Wondering what a word or phrase means? Does a perm for curly hair mean the same as a perm for straight hair? Find out here and get helpful definitions to lots of black hair terms that will clear up any confusion!

Big Chop
Is the big chop right for you?

Blowouts are still around. Find out what it is before you request one from your stylist.

Box Braids
Box braids go in and out of style. Find out what they are from this definition.

Clarifying Shampoo
What is a clarifying shampoo?

Conditioner Wash
What is a conditioner wash?

What are cornrows?

Curl Definition
If you're not sure what curl definition means, find out first, and then you can try it out on your natural hair.

What are dreadlocks?

A preventive measure that many women can do at home to keep split ends from getting worse.

Finger Waves
If you ever wore finger waves, you know exactly what they are. Have no clue what they are? Find out here.

Flat Twists
How are flat twists unique?

Heat Training
Is it really possible to heat train your hair?

Hot Comb
What is a hot comb used for?

Line of Demarcation
Especially for transitioners, learn what this is and how to treat it so that your hair remains healthy.

Locs or Locks
Why are they called locs?

Micro Braids
What are micro braids, and how do they differ from other types of braids?

What is considered natural black hair?

No, this isn't the fruit. It's a simple way to preserve a hairstyle!

Pre-poo (Treatment)
What does it mean to pre-poo your hair?

Protective Style
You may have heard the term, but aren't quite sure what a protective style is.

What does it mean to relax the hair?

Scab Hair
Unless you're a regular on hair care forums, especially ones where natural hair is popular, you may have never heard of this term.

Depending on your location, you may know this hairstyle by another name.

This type of shrinkage has nothing to do with laundry.

Single Strand Knots
If you've ever suffered from this curly hair annoyance, you probably already know what this term means.

Tension Blowdry
What does this blowdrying method entail?

What is texlaxing black hair?

How does a texturizer differ from a relaxer?

What does it mean to touch-up your hair?

Traction Alopecia
Do you suffer from traction alopecia?

What does it mean to transition in terms of black hair?

What does TWA stand for?

What is a twists hairstyle?

Wash and Go
What does this term mean in the realm of curly hair?

What is a hair weave?

Wet Set
You may know it by another name, but the traditional wet set has little variation.

Find out what it means to wrap black hair.

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