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Pictures of Natural Hairstyles by Nedjetti


Natural hair artist Nedjetti creates real hair art. All of these styles are perfect for showcasing natural hair at its best and most beautiful. Known for styling the hair of famous and everyday people, this hair artist and international educator is the CEO of Hair by Nedjetti Salon based in New Jersey and New York City. Find out more at the Hair by Nedjetti site. Get ready to see some natural hair at its finest and let Nedjetti give your tresses some TLC. If you want to learn how to create some of these styles by Nedjetti via DVD, go to www.Naturalhairdvd.com.
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comb coilsShort, Blonde Comb CoilscoilsA Head Full of CoilsGelila BekeleCornrows, Twists and Loosely Styled Hair, Worn Up and Downbantu knotsBantu Knots
locsA Head of Gorgeous, Long Locsdouble strand rodsDouble Stranded Rods Hairstylecurly braidsCurly Braidscomb coilsVersatile Coils Hanging Down
twistsShort, Two Strand Twistscomb coilsLong Comb Coilscurly locsCurly Locs
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