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Black Hair at Fashion Week 2012


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Avant Garde at Mara Hoffman
fashion week hair

A model at the Mara Hoffman Spring 2012 Fashion Week

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

If you follow the style scene religiously, you know that Fashion Week isn't just about fashion. It's also about makeup, hair and setting the trends for upcoming seasons. Black hair made a good showing at the 2012 Spring show. While the long, sleek ponytail was all over the runway (as usual), so was some diversity. Not every black model sported straight extensions, and there was quite a bit of creativity when it came to styling our hair. Take a look at these pictures of black hairstyles from Fashion Week and see if you can't spot a trend or two to try.

This Mara Hoffman model had a very different look, as you can see. Too much for the office, but it's a nighttime option for the woman who's into an avant garde scene.

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