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5 Summertime Black Hair Trends


When the weather heats up, you may be in the mood for a hairstyle switch. Do you want to keep your long hair off your face and neck? Or is a different color calling your name? Take a look at five popular trends in black hair that go hand-in-hand with summer.

1. Soft Color

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Summer is the perfect season for going lighter, but choose your hair color wisely. Skip the brassy blonde shades, which can be especially harsh on relaxed hair. Instead, go with a softer tone like deep golden bronze or a soft chestnut. Semi-permanent colors and rinses are a temporary fix which work well with all kinds of hair, relaxed and natural, so don't think you always have to use bleach or permanent dyes for a way to update your look.

2. Short and Sassy

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
What better time of year to get all of that hair off your neck than summer? Short hair can be full of versatility! Some short styles you can try include a pixie cut, a bob, an asymmetrical bob, a low-cut Natural, coil twists or bantu knots. There are short cuts to accommodate straightened, wavy and highly textured hair, so if you've been itching to see how you look with a shorter 'do, summer is a great time to try it out.

3. Waves

Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Not at the beach; on your head. If you live in a humid climate, you know that straightening your hair in the summertime is one frustrating ordeal! So forget bone straight and try a wash-and-go. Scrunch it, diffuse dry it and enjoy a wavy style for a change, great for carefree summer days.

4. Natural

quavondo/Getty Images
This might not be a "trend" exactly because it's not going anywhere, but more women are going back to their roots and saying bye-bye to the relaxer. Natural hair can mean so much more than the Afro, although a short 'do like that is perfect for summer. Braid it, cornrow it, twist it. You have a ton of options when you keep it natural.

5. Ponytails

Getty Images/Radius Images
Not like the ones your mom did back in the day with four or five (or ten!) tight ponytail bubble holders all over your head. Think sleek and low or high and poufy, which you can achieve with backcombing on straight or straightened hair. If you need help in the length department, don't be afraid to reach for extensions.
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