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5 Transition Hairstyles


If you're thinking of leaving relaxers behind, and you don't want to cut all of your processed hair off, you'll need some transition styles that will take you from straight hair to your natural texture. While most of these styles are protective, you can still wear your hair out on occasion. Try these hairstyles to get you through the sometimes awkward stages of transitioning and you'll feel confident that your hair looks good every day:

1. Flat Twists

Unlike two-strand twists, which require curly ends that can hold themselves together, flat twists work well on hair that's not completely natural. Similar to cornrows, you use two strands of hair instead of three when fashioning these twists, which lie on the head. You'll still need to secure the ends. If your hair is past your shoulders, you can gather the ends into a ponytail or bun, while shorter hair can simply be pinned into place.

2. Cornrows

You may want to get some hair additions if you choose this style. You should also consider your workplace environment. While many businesses are becoming more open to what were traditionally seen as "ethnic" hairstyles, keep in mind that some extremely conservative environments still frown upon them.

3. Buns/Chignons

Buns, topknots and chignons are all easy and elegant ways to style transitioning hair. If you work in a professional environment, skip the scrunchies and choose other accessories to hold your hair in place, such as hair sticks, hair pins and tortoiseshell clips.

4. Wet Sets

Blend those curly roots into relaxed tresses with wet sets. You can set your hair on magnetic rollers or bendable rods, depending on how curly you want your style to be. Because wet sets don't rely on direct heat, they're a gentle way of styling your hair.

5. Extensions

For some women, weaving their hair away during transitioning is much easier. You can even choose extensions that mimic natural hair so that you can get an idea of what your new texture will look like on you. Twist and braid extensions are easy enough to get from a professional who's qualified in this area.
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