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Natural Hair Care


Long-time natural, just getting started or thinking of taking the plunge? Natural black hair can offer a wealth of styles. From Afros to cornrows to braids, twists and different combinations, your natural hair is unique. Here's a wealth of information about how to keep your natural hair healthy, growing and beautiful.
  1. Basics of Natural Hair Care
  2. Caring for Locs
  3. All About Transitioning

Basics of Natural Hair Care

Hair in its unaltered state can be quite beautiful. Everyone's texture is different, so celebrate your uniqueness. Caring for natural hair may sometimes be the same as caring for relaxed hair, but in some ways, it's very different. Take good care of your natural hair with these tips.

Caring for Locs

It may seem like growing mature locs takes a long time, but the reward is worth it. See how to begin, how long your commitment to the growing phase will be and what to expect as your hair evolves.

All About Transitioning

Transitioning from relaxed tresses to natural hair doesn't have to full of frustration. You will have to learn how to treat your hair differently because your unique texture isn't the same as a chemically altered one. These transitioning tips will help you through the process, no matter how long your transition lasts.

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