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Review of Curls Coconut Sublime Conditioner

A Thirsty Curl's Best Friend

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Sometimes, it's not your hair, it's the products you're using. Maintaining a proper moisture balance in your tresses goes a long way toward helping you create the perfect curls you've always wanted. A great conditioner (and regular conditioning routine) helps. Is this conditioner the right one for you?

What's In It

As with all of the Curls' line of products, expect good ingredients designed to promote hair health. The Coconut Sublime conditioner is no different. As with the shampoos from this line, expect no bad stuff like sulfates and parabens. Instead, it's full of moisturizing, emollient ingredients such as:

  • Coconut oil
  • Caprylyl Glycol, an incredibly effective humectant
  • Floral and white tea extracts

As I always suggest, read the ingredients label carefully before you purchase anything for your hair. Some products masquerade under a "natural" label without being truly natural, or they sneak in questionable ingredients. Not Curls. Every ingredient is freely listed on the website so you can see exactly what you're getting before purchasing.

How to Use It

Shampoo with the product of your choice, but I do like the Pure Curls Clarifying shampoo this brand makes. Apply this as you would any regular rinse-out conditioner. It's thick and rich, but will glide through your locks like a dream. I used a paddle brush to work it through and detangle, and it was a breeze. You can leave it on for one to five minutes; whether your ends are especially dry or not, don't forget to add extra conditioner to them.

Rinse completely, which will be easy, as this product rinses away clean while leaving behind nothing but softness and a wonderful scent.

How Does It Work?

This is one hard-working conditioner. Not only does it smell heavenly, but it does the job of restoring moisture to thirsty locks. If your hair is natural and you need a good regular conditioner, then this is one I highly recommend. In many cases, we don't see our true texture because it's lacking something, and in many instances that something is moisture. Increase the moisture level on your tresses and you might be surprised just how differently your hair looks and feels. What's often mistaken for "bad hair" is nothing more than thirsty hair that needs to be restored.

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