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Review of Curly Hair Solutions Extenzz

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Review of Curly Hair Solutions Extenzz

Curly Hair Solutions: Curl Keeper

Anyone with a head full of curls knows all about shrinkage, and we're not talking about laundry. Hair shrinkage is what causes those long curls to contract until they appear to be half their length, if not more. When a product comes along that promises to prevent your curls from shrinking, you take notice. And that's what Extenzz, from Curly Hair Solutions, claims to do.

What It Does

Extenzz is a "non-chemical" curl relaxer. It temporarily smooths and lengthens curls with no harsh chemicals; the results last until your next shampoo.

How to Use It

It's best to use Extenzz immediately after a shampoo and conditioner session. I used it several times to make sure I was using it correctly for the best results. As the instructions on the bottle tell you, use it on completely wet hair. If you wear your hair curly, you know how important it is to deal with curls when wet -- once they begin to dry, your styling options become more limited.

The times I got the best results, I applied it on sopping wet hair. It goes on smoothly and made my hair feel softer on contact. My hair is thick, so I sectioned it off and applied a good amount to each section -- about a strawberry-sized amount to each of four sections. I combed through with a wide-tooth comb and then followed with a rat-tail comb, but I also tried it with a vent brush and had similar results.

I followed my Extenzz application with a generous amount of Curl Keeper (pictured), also applied section by section. I let my hair air dry, trying not to move it too much.

Final Verdict

I experienced less shrinkage with the Extenzz, but I think results may differ depending on your texture and the length of your hair. My shoulder-length hair usually shrinks at least several inches, but with the Extenzz, it shrank less; by estimating, it appears about two inches longer than it normally does when I wear my hair curly. This is probably very important for anyone who wants to showcase her length and in that regard, this product will help.

Another aspect that I liked about both Extenzz and Curl Keeper is that they're lightweight and leave curls touchably soft, not hard and crunchy. So my curls were bouncy, light, relatively frizz-free and even a bit longer. Even if your goal isn't necessarily showing off how long your curls are, you might still enjoy using a product like Extenzz. It's part of an entire curl-friendly line offered by Curly Hair Solutions, a company that not only offers products to make your hair look good, but keeps it healthy, too (visit the website and you can view the ingredients list in all their products).

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