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Review of Jason Natural Apricot Shampoo

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Review of Jason Natural Apricot Shampoo
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Looking for products that are as close to natural as you can get? JASON is a leader in the natural market, with its focus on earth-friendly ingredients. Along with many other natural brands, I like the fact that this company doesn't market itself to one particular hair texture or ethnicity -- it's really for everybody.

What's in It

This should perhaps be called "what's not in it" and one of the biggest benefits to this shampoo is that it contains no lauryl or laureth sulfates. While all sulfates aren't bad, the lathering action that sodium lauryl sulfate produces is also what can dry out hair -- since black hair is already naturally dry, you don't want to exacerbate the issue with the wrong products. But this JASON shampoo doesn't have the milder sodium laureth sulfate, either, making it an ideal cleanser for anyone with the Brazilian keratin treatment or hair color on her tresses -- these processes last longer when using non-sulfate shampoos.

As for what's in it, mainly natural and plant-based ingredients that work in harmony to clean your mane in a gentle way.

How it Performs

If you like the smell of apricots, you'll like the way this cleanser smells as it's very fruity and fresh. Don't expect a lot of lather on your first go-round, but this shampoo produces quite a bit of lather on the second pass. This is kind of surprising since it's sulfate-free; just focus on getting your scalp clean and don't scrub into your ends. Instead, let the water's action move the shampoo throughout your hair. Be sure to rinse all of the lather out if you get a lot of suds.

Final Verdict

I consider this one another winner in the hair products department. Not only is it great for natural hair, it's great for chemically-treated tresses that require gentle handling. Plus, unlike some natural products that smell like they were just harvested from Mother Earth, this shampoo smells delicious.

Find JASON Products

You can find JASON shampoos, conditioners and plenty of other body-care products at health food stores and at the company website, JASON.

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