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M&M Products Milk Protein & Olive Oil Hair Products Review

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M&M Products Milk Protein & Olive Oil Hair Products Review

Milk Protein and Olive Oil Products

M&M Products Company
M&M Products is a brand that consistently formulates hair care products that make your hair's health its primary concern. Along with other companies today, M&M is largely moving away from ingredients that have been shown to either be detrimental to black hair or to offer no real benefits. To this end, the company has debuted a new line of Milk Protein and Olive Oil products. See how each of these work for your hair and whether it's a product to add to your hair care rotation.

Really Deep Conditioning Treatment

It's imperative to have a good deep conditioner or two working for you and this one doesn't disappoint. It has all the qualities I think are essential for a great deep conditioning product; besides being thick and creamy enough to really saturate your hair, it has strengthening and super-moisturizing ingredients in it such as milk, olive oil and Omega-3. You use this as you would most deep conditioners -- apply after a shampoo, cover with a plastic cap and either sit for an extended period of time or use under the low heat of a hood or bonnet dryer. Rinse and your hair should be soft and well-moisturized.

Leave-in Treatment

Milk Protein & Olive Oil Leave-in Treatment

M&M Products Company
When I'm being really good to my hair, I make sure to use a leave-in treatment after every shampoo and condition session. It just adds an extra layer of protection against the elements and any harsh practices I may subject my hair to, like heat styling. I don't always use a leave-in, though, but if you're looking for one, the Milk Protein & Olive Oil Leave-In Treatment is a pretty good product to try. Use as you would any other leave-in. After spritzing it on my freshly washed hair, it did seem to put my little "frizzies" to rest somewhat. I made sure to comb it through after applying to work it all in.

Three-Layer Growth Oil and Strengthening Creme

As with all the other products in this line I've tried, the Three-Layer Growth Oil smells great. You must shake it well before each application for it to blend well. Otherwise, you can see the heavier oil sitting on the bottom of the bottle. Now, this product gave me pause because it contains mineral oil. I've questioned whether mineral oil is truly bad before. Petroleum, definitely, but in doing my own research, it appears that mineral oil is not evil. This is one of those products that will work well for some, but not for others. Because mineral oil isn't that good of a penetrator, I can't give this product two thumbs up because it left my hair feeling heavy. I'd give it about one-and-a-half thumbs up because it did make my hair very soft. However, one of my friends uses a product that contains mineral oil and she loves it. So take this one for what it's worth; if it works for you, by all means, continue to use it -- if not, there are plenty of other products out there to try.

Next, the Strengthening Creme. This is a suitable daily hair conditioner that, with proper usage, can help maintain your hair's moisture level, leading to fewer split ends and breakage. I suggest applying as needed. If your hair feels soft and supple, there's no need to apply more product. In many cases, once your hair has a good moisture/protein balance, you'll find yourself needing to use less product.

Daily Growth Lotion

Milk Protein and Olive Oil Three-Layer Growth Oil

M&M Products Company

Like the Strengthening Creme, this is a good daily moisturizer. It's thick and creamy, so women with relaxed hair should apply sparingly in order to maintain a light and bouncy feel. Focus application more on the ends of your hair, especially if they tend to be dry.

More M&M

Other M&M Products that have been reviewed include the Sofn'free n'pretty Product Line for children. Also, please read this exclusive interview with Will Williams, M&M Product Company's Director of Education and New Product Development, to find out more about the company and how it continues to develop new and innovative products specifically for black hair.

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love this stuff, Member abc134

my daughter is 4 now and she has beautiful thin and curly hair. now im talking about Shirley temple kind of hair only multicolored brown. we've tried so many different products for her hair but nothing works as good as these products especially the milk treatments.

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