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Interview with curlBOX Founder and President Myleik Teele


Interview with curlBOX Founder and President Myleik Teele

curlBOX Founder and President Myleik Teele

Myleik Teele

Change the Way You Buy Hair Care Products:

Having natural hair isn't always a breeze, especially when it comes to finding products that work for you. How many jars, bottles and tubes are currently taking up space under your bathroom sink because you tried the product once or twice, and it didn't do what you wanted or expected? That under-the-sink area can become a veritable product graveyard with hit-or-miss experiments; plus, all that trial-and-error can become quite costly.

Well, now you can sample a variety of hair care products designed for natural hair and enjoy the convenience of home delivery. curlBOX is a new and exciting way to purchase products, founded and developed by a self-described product junkie who knows the ins and outs of some of the best products for natural curls and kinks. In this exclusive interview with curlBOX founder and president Myleik Teele, you'll find out what prompted her to start this business, what you can expect as a subscriber, support options in your natural journey, and much more!

Interview with Myleik Teele:

Black Hair (BH): The concept of curlBOX is very innovative and unique. Can you briefly describe how it works for the subscriber?

Myleik Teele (MT): Thank you! curlBOX is a monthly subscription service that delivers 5-7 samples of products for naturally curly hair. The service is an exclusive service with a “list” that opens up once monthly. We give those signed up on the mailing list 24-48 hours notice of the list opening and it usually sells out in less than 20 minutes.

BH: Please tell us what prompted you to start curlBOX.

MT: After spending a little over a year working with a few beauty brands with products designed for naturally curly hair and going to hair shows (World Natural Hair Show) and a few meet-ups, I wondered how I could provide someone with the same experience that I had without the hassle. What if someone had access to all of the products that I did and got to try them first? Like many, I watch the YouTube videos and read the blogs and watch someone with hair that looks JUST like mine swear by a product only for it to not work on me. This service gives you the opportunity to try it first and if you like it, you buy it.

BH: What brand names are featured in curlBOX? Do you accept new brands at any time?

MT: Some brands that have been featured in curlBOX include: Karen’s Body Beautiful, Hair Rules, Ouidad, Huetiful, Darcy’s Botanicals, Curls Unleashed, Edens Body Works, Habibi Body, etc. We accept new brands as we see fit for our VIP members.

BH: I find that concept pretty ingenious. What are some of the typical products subscribers may receive each month? For example, do they receive a mix of cleansers and styling products? Different brands in one box?

MT: Many of our members describe their hair as “curly or kinky curly,” so we typically have products geared toward that hair texture. The products are typically cleansers, conditioners, moisturizers and various styling products. There are a mix of established brands and up-and-coming brands in each box.

BH: That definitely makes it easy to experiment with new names as well as old favorites. What do you think are the biggest benefits to the subscribers?

MT: The biggest benefit to the subscribers is the cost of trial. Even if you hate every single thing in the box, it still costs you a lot less than going out and getting everything yourself. Our goal is to go out and hand-select products that we believe the subscribers will enjoy. I’m in the same boat as they are so I know that sometimes things won’t work and we always say “Sharing is caring.” Things that don’t work for me work for my neighbor or my Mom.

BH: Besides offering a wide variety of products delivered straight to the home, curlBOX also provides support via a message board at the site. How important do you feel it is for the transitioner or newly natural to have this type of support?

MT: We have a lot of “transitioning” conversations on our Facebook page as well and many members chime and help others that aren’t sure about which products do what. Many times you’ll think something doesn’t “work” when you simply aren’t using it correctly or don’t have the correct combo. We like to inspire with amazing photos of style options and have daily conversations on our experiences with products. When you can enter a community with the click of a button and not only get support but be inspired, it makes the process that much easier.

BH: Very, very true! Now to the nitty gritty -- what are some of your favorite hair products?

MT: I’m a true product junkie so I have a lot of favorites. One of my favorite products of all time is the Elasta QP Mango Butter Moisturizer – it’s just one of those products that’s extremely affordable and works! I always keep coconut oil and apple cider vinegar stocked in my bathroom. Lately I’ve been using a lot of products from the Free Your Mane line. I love Design Essentials Curl Enhancing Mousse and Ampro Olive Oil gel. I’ve also been digging into the entire Ouidad line and finding many gems.

BH: I love a fellow product junkie :-) Where would you like to see curlBOX go in the future, as far as expansion?

MT: Our goal for curlBOX is to keep exceeding the expectations of our VIP members and bringing the latest and greatest in hair and beauty. Every so often we add a special gift for them. We’re planning something very special for our website so many should stay tuned for that, too.

Thank you, Myleik, for giving us the ins and outs of your cool company! If you'd like more information on having products delivered right to you, including frequently asked questions and how to subscribe, please be sure and check out the site: curlBOX. Trying out new products has never been so easy!

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