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The Sofn'free n'pretty Product Line


The Sofn'free n'pretty Product Line
M&M Products Company

Sofn'free n'pretty from M&M Products Co.:

M&M Products Co. presents a line of products geared toward girls ages 5 to 12 and their particular hair care needs. Why this target age group? The company has formulated products that are beneficial to the specific type of cuticular hair that children have. This hair is still developing, which is why parents so often see texture changes until puberty, and needs to be treated with care. So many of the hairstyles and styling practices that adults use on young children contribute to the widespread problems of damage and breakage.

To combat the dryness and breakage so many young girls are experiencing, M&M Products Co. has come up with this unique line of products designed to improve the hair's health. You can read about each formula and how it meets specific needs.

GroHealthy Olive Oil Growth Lotion:

A creamy formula, it contains olive oil, nettle and rosemary. It's made to be used two to three times weekly and encourages healthy hair growth and prevents breakage.

GroHealthy Thick and Healthy Olive Oil Cream:

A rich cream, this is made to give hair a healthy sheen and help with growth. Suitable for daily use, it'll help retain moisture.

GroHealthy Temple and Nape Gro:

A soothing balm designed for use on temples and nape areas. These are two areas of the head that can suffer the most damage, from chemical abuse and tight styling. Use morning and night for the first six weeks, and then once daily after that. With proper care, you should see the return of hair growth in severely damaged temples and napes.

GroHealthy Shea Butter Damage Repair Treatment:

Shea butter, a natural moisturizer, works to strengthen and moisturize damaged hair. This product is rich, thick and creamy and can be applied to the scalp and hair. Brush thoroughly through hair for the best results.

GroHealthy Growth Oil:

This contains olive oil and soybean oil and can help with an itchy, dry scalp. Massage it into the scalp and hair two to three times per week.

Olive & Sunflower Oil Edge Tamer:

Thick and almost pomade-like, this is a good cream to control flyaway hair around the temple and nape. Just smooth into the hairline instead of using a thick gel, which can flake over time.

Olive & Sunflower Oil Hair and Scalp Nourisher:

A lightweight cream, use daily on scalp and hair for softness and manageability.

Overall Impressions:

I was able to use all of these products and tested them out over a period of a couple of weeks. I'm most impressed by the fact that they're free of petrolatum and mineral oil, but are still affordable and easy to find. It can be hard on your wallet to purchase 100% natural products all of the time, especially if you have a number of girls in your home. Plus, many of the natural hair care lines are only available through online purchasing. Whenever you can walk into a local store and pick up products, that's a big plus in my book.

After reviewing this entire line, I think parents who are interested in caring for a child's hair and helping it flourish will be happy with the products overall. While you may not need a product like the Temple and Nape Gro if your daughter's hair isn't damaged, the daily moisturizers are perfect for everyday maintenance and styling.


  • Affordable
  • Contain natural, nourishing ingredients like olive oil, almond oil, soybean, aloe vera, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, honey, nettle, rosemary, tea tree oil and silk proteins
  • Available in beauty supply stores
  • Contain no petrolatum and mineral oil
  • Light, pleasant scent in all products
  • Non-greasy


  • Not as moisturizing as 100% natural products

Products don't make the hair grow, but good hair care helps retain hair. Using a line like Sofn'free n'pretty on a regular basis, combined with good grooming practices, can help with healthy hair growth.

Do you need to buy every single product in this line? No. Choose products based on your needs. You could easily use the Olive & Sunflower Oil Moisturizing Lotion and Edge Tamer for daily styling. If you're trying to bring a girl's damaged temples and napes back into good shape, use the GroHealthy Temple and Nape Gro and Shea Butter Damage Repair Treatment, along with a daily moisturizer.

You can find Sofn'free n'pretty products like the GroHealthy and Olive & Sunflower Oil lines at beauty supply stores, select retailers and the M&M Product Co. Web site.

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