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Earth's Nectar Review


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My Results - Chunky Twist Out

Chunky twist out

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Here are my results of using the products (Nourish first, then Coconut Curls, then Honey Curls) on a flat twist set. I don't do a lot of wash and go's, so I twisted my hair, carefully applying each product to six flat twists (similar to the hairstyle in this blog post; I've been doing a lot of flat twists lately as part of my growth regimen referenced in the post). I wasn't going for definition, but if you are, you can always apply the Honey Curls more heavily.

The only downside for me was that it took forever for my hair to fully dry. I suspect it's the glycerin and the aloe juice (both are major humectants) that made my hair hold onto so much moisture, plus the lower humidity. Naturals sometimes have either good or not-so-good experiences with glycerin. My hair tolerates it, but during winter (low humidity), it does make my hair hold onto moisture more. I'd love to see how these products work during summer when it's super humid.

So I had to help the dry time along with low, diffused heat from my hooded dryer. I didn't even want to do that because I cut a couple of inches off due to heat damage just last month, so putting even low, indirect heat near my hair made me nervous. However, if I hadn't done it, I think my hair would've needed over 12 hours to completely dry.

Heat worry aside, my hair was incredibly soft and fluffy once it dried and I untwisted it. So soft that I couldn't keep my hands off of it. And we all know how bad hand-in-fro disease can be! There was absolutely no crunch and no flaking, just a lot of softness. It so happened to be a rainy day when I went out and the wet weather didn't affect the curl pattern at all. I didn't end up with frizzy locks, so these products did their job of controlling the frizz.

Overall, I loved the way these products made my hair feel. I followed the same twisting routine after wearing my hair out for the day, and experienced no tacky buildup.

To find out more about Earth's Nectar, including where to buy and other products offered by the company, be sure to check out the website. An ingredient list is available for every item. Also, to learn more about the face behind the brand, read my interview with founder Tamika Fletcher.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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