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Review of Karen's Body Beautiful Naturally Chic Collection


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Karen's Body Beautiful Naturally Chic Group
Review of Karen's Body Beautiful Naturally Chic Collection
Karen's Body Beautiful

Karen's Body Beautiful is one of the best product lines for natural hair currently available. The company not only covers your hair, so if you're in the market for great body pampering products as well, you'll find plenty to love.

The Naturally Chic collection is now available. Even better news is that select Target stores will begin carrying the products in February 2013. If online ordering is an issue for you, you can shop locally if a nearby Target is one of your select locations.

Products in this collection:

  • Hold It Hair Gel with Argan Oil
  • Super Duper Hydrating Hair Cream
  • Sweet Ambrosia Leave-in Conditioner
  • Hair Blossom Moisture Mist
  • Butter Love
  • Luscious Locks Hair Mask

This review covers the entire collection, but the next two pages are dedicated to the best sellers in the bunch.

Hair Gel: Looking for non-crunchy hold and incredible sheen? Then this argan oil-containing gel should meet your needs. It's not a thick concoction, so there's no worry about a heavy feel. A little of this gel goes a long way, so I had to be careful about not applying too much. Once you get a feel for how much gel you need, expect your curls to maintain their flexibility while being pretty well-defined.

Hair Cream: This is one of my favorites in the bunch because it can work on any texture or length. It's a very thick moisturizer that you can apply to hair and scalp. Best for damp or dry hair, this cream would work just as well on a TWA as it would on long lengths. Use it to add sheen and softness to a short 'fro, moisture and softness to a longer afro and moisture without hold on braids and twists.

Moisture Mist: Refresh curls with this lightweight mist, so if your hair is often plagued by "second day syndrome", a few spritzes will wake up your curls and prepare them for styling. It's also useful for detangling no matter how long your tresses are.

Butter Love: Ah, just as thick and firmly creamy as the original Hair Butter, this is just what you need when creating long-lasting twists or braids, which can then be released into twist-outs and braid-outs. It makes a great stand-in for pomade when you want to smooth down your hairline without anything that dries hard.

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