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Review of Nene's Secret


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Nene's Secret
nenes secret

Nene's Secret Products

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You love your natural hair, but like many other women who made the decision to stop relaxing, you may have a difficult time finding products that work well for your newfound texture. There may be plenty of trial and error in discovering the perfect hair care, but don't get discouraged!

One of the newest lines to hit the market is Nene's Secret, developed by Brian Marks (a veteran in the ethnic beauty industry) and his wife, former model and face of the brand, Nene Marks. While some other product lines are generally marketed toward straightened or natural tresses, Nene's Secret contains products that work with different textures. Some are definitely focused on helping you achieve great curls over straight looks, but all are designed with your hair's health as the ultimate goal.

With ingredients hailing from Nene's home country and continent of Liberia, Africa, you'll come to expect well-moisturized, softer tresses with regular use.

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