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Review of Nubian Heritage


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Nubian Heritage - Honey & Black Seed-Heat Protect
Review of Nubian Heritage

Great hair products are about much more than simply looking or smelling good. They should make your hair healthier and stronger, or at least keep them that way. That's why reading the ingredient label on everything you buy is so important. With an increase in a more natural way of life for many, finding the newest and most exotic ingredients for personal care is increasingly on the rise.

Nubian Heritage is taking advantage of that with its line of products chock full of healthy additions like garlic extract, moringa oil, honey, black seed oil, macadamia nut oil and so much more. I was able to try out many of their products along three different lines.

Actual products I tested in the Honey & Black Seed-Heat Protect collection include:

  • Heat Protect Keratin Spray: With carrot and macadamia nut oils among its list of healthy ingredients, this spray is perfect to use right before applying any type of direct heat to your tresses. It's lightweight, so it won't drag your hair down and pull curls out.
  • Heat Protect Keratin Leave-in Conditioning Cream: This cream is heavier than the spray, so it's better for thicker hair types instead of finer textures.

Other products in the collection include:

  • Keratin Shampoo
  • Keratin Hair & Scalp Serum
  • Keratin Wrap Mousse
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