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Review of Nubian Heritage


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Indian Hemp & Tamanu-Grow & Strengthen
Review of Nubian Heritage

Hemp may be new to you as a scalp treatment, but it's been used that way for centuries. Tamanu oil, found in Madagascar, is a known antiseptic while also being reparative. This collection is designed to pamper and strengthen your locks.

Actual products I tested in the Grow & Strengthen line include:

  • Grow & Strengthen Serum: Use this serum on wet or dry hair, taking care to massage it into your scalp. I used it after every shampoo or co-wash session. It smooths the hair and keeps it strong.
  • Herbal Custard: I love this as a daily styling aid/conditioner. It's a good option for adding sheen to natural styles, and also for adding some moisture to straightened tresses. Like many of the products I tested in the Nubian Heritage line, however, it's better suited to thick and/or coarse hair. Finer textures will simply get weighed down.
  • Treatment Masque: This is a wonderful deep conditioning treatment that can also be used as a leave-in, pre-shampoo treatment or styling aid. I only used it as a deep conditioner following a shampoo, along with low heat on a bonnet dryer. It's a good product to have in your arsenal if you heat style frequently or just need to add some moisture back to your mane.

Other products in the collection include a pomade-like Edge Taming Taffy which contains hemp, tamanu and monoi oils. Use it for smoothing down edges and fly-aways.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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