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Curlformers Review

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I've curled my hair with a lot of different tools: sponge rollers, magnetic rollers, bendable rollers, curling irons. You name it, chances are I've tried it. The newest curlers I've tried are unique, innovative and much easier to use than you might think at first glance. Read my review of Curlformers to see what they're all about!


As with any good curling product, you need different sizes to accommodate different lengths of hair. Curlformers come in various widths and lengths. They're available in:

  • Short and Wide
  • Long and Wide
  • Short and Narrow
  • Long and Narrow
  • Long and Extra Wide
  • Extra Long and Wide

The Salon Kit contains 40 long and wide, six short and wide Curlformers and a hook. This may not be enough curlers for you, so you can purchase different sizes in separate packs. I highly recommend doing this because you don't want to curl half or most of your head only to find out that you need ten more Curlformers!

They're very lightweight and color-coded. Yes, color-coded because the two colors that each size come in twist in opposite directions. This makes a difference in how your hair will curl. As I explain in my Curlformers step-by-step, you should place pink, green and magenta curlers on the left side of the head; and blue, yellow and orange curlers on the right side of the head to direct curls away from your face.

These curlers have a mesh-like surface, which helps greatly in drying time. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, it may take a couple to several hours to air dry. Sit under a hood dryer or use a hand-held blow dryer to speed things up considerably. It took about three and a half hours for my hair to air dry.

How to Use

There is a learning curve to using Curlformers. You use a hook to pull small sections of hair through each curler. I had to practice several times before I felt skilled enough to pull the hook through without snagging my hair. Some of you may pick it up right away, while others may need time to hone their technique. However, once you get it, it's surprisingly easy and the process of curling your hair will go smoothly and quickly.

Use on damp or wet hair with a setting product. I prefer mousse-like products when setting in curlers because they don't weigh your hair down or make it tacky. Your hair sits inside the spiral Curlformer and conforms to its shape. I had a few curlers not spring back into a perfect spiral after placing them, but there's a quick fix: hold the end of the curler closest to your scalp and with your other hand, run down the length of it, straightening it out. Let go and it should pop right back into the correct shape.


I absolutely loved the curls I got after removing these curlers from my hair. They were light and bouncy and shiny -- simply perfect! It is important to wait until your hair is completely dry before removing; otherwise, you run the risk of frizzy hair.

Experimenting a little, I found that for great spirals, use the smallest sections of hair possible. This means you'll need a large number of Curlformers. I noticed that slightly larger sections of hair tend to form tube-like curls. There's nothing wrong with that, but you simply won't be able to pull too large sections of hair through these curlers. If you do get curls that are a little too Shirley Temple for you, simply separate the curls with your fingers to increase volume.

What's so incredible about them is that they're made for all types of hair: naturally straight, naturally curly, relaxed, texturized -- they work on all of them. I tested them out on two heads of natural black hair and the curls were just as spirally and smooth as you'd get on relaxed hair. I give bonus points to any product that works so well across the board.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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