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Black Hair: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
11 Tips to Make Your Hair Grow Faster
These hair growth tips for black hair help you retain precious inches, allowing you to get the long hair you've always wanted.
10 Tips for Curly Hair
These tips for curly hair should help you maximize your curls so that every day is a good hair day.
5 Ways to Stop Hair Breakage Now
These five tactics help you prevent severe breakage, damage and loss, leading to longer, stronger black hair than you've ever had.
5 Steps to Grow Back a Thin Hairline
It doesn't matter how full and bouncy the rest of your hair is if your edges are busted. How can you restore a thin hairline? Find out how right here.
10 Black Hair "Sins" You May Be Committing
Are you committing any of these black hair sins? If so, put a stop to them immediately to improve your mane's health. These are 10 of the worst things you can do to black hair.
8 Easy Steps to a Perfect Twist Hairstyle
Want great twists, but don't know how to style them? They're easier than you may think. This tutorial, complete with step-by-step photos, shows you how to twist black hair into a hot two strand twist hairstyle that lends itself to many styling possibilities.
Do Texturizers Make Transitioning to Natural...
With more and more women returning to their natural roots, the wealth of information about natural black hair can get confusing. You may find yourself wondering if texturizers are the easy transition you've been searching for. The answer may surprise you.
10 Flat Iron Tips for a Smooth, Sleek 'Do
Flat ironing may look simple enough, but if your technique is lacking, you'll wind up with less than desirable results. These flat iron tips will help you get better results, leaving you with straight and silky locks that beg to be touched.
7 Tips on Maintaining Healthy Relaxed Hair
Relaxed hair requires special care to keep it as healthy as possible. Get tips on how to maintain relaxed tresses so that your hair looks and feels great.
10 Adorable Girls Hairstyles Every Parent Will...
Pictures of girls hairstyles provide plenty of ideas for parents looking for gentle ways to style a little girl's hair. This showcase of ten different designs work for natural and straightened hair.
Heat-Free Hair Straightening Tips
You can straighten natural hair without chemicals or heat. Find out how to get a straight look in the gentlest ways possible.
All About the Brazilian Keratin Treatment
Interested in a Brazilian keratin treatment to straighten your hair? Find out everything you wanted to know about this treatment on black hair before you make that appointment, including what happens during the process, your time commitment and after-care.
Cute, Fierce, and Sexy Short Hairstyles for...
These pictures of short styles worn by celebrities like Halle Berry, Kelly Rowland, Eva Pigford and more may just inspire you to get a short snip!
Dealing With Hair Breakage? Find Out Why
Stop bad hair care practices right away and leave breakage in the past.
10-Step Visual Guide to Basic Cornrows
Cornrows are an easy and low-maintenance style that works for all ages. Men and women can sport this simple braided hairdo. Don't know how to braid them? Follow this step-by-step pictorial on braiding cornrows and learn how to fashion them.
Relaxers vs. Texturizers
Find out what makes a relaxer different from a texturizer on black hair. There really isn't as much difference as you might think.
3 Signs You Need a Hair Trim
Even if you don't want to trim your hair, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and just do it! These three signs are an indication that it may be time to reach for those shears. And remember: regular trims now prevent a major cut later.
Want Super-Fast Hair Growth? Try This Upside...
Find out what the inversion method for hair growth involves and if you can really expect an inch of growth in only one week.
Why Your Tight Braids Could Cause Hair Loss Later
Tight braids can lead to serious problems, so see what you can do when they're just too tight for comfort.
What's Causing That Itchy Scalp?
Your scalp may itch for a number of reasons. See some of the most common causes and what you can do to alleviate this pesky problem.
5 Crazy Reasons Your Hair is Not Growing
There may be a number of good reasons why your hair is not growing. Break your bad hair habits today so that your mane retains every inch of growth it can.
Pictures of Natural Hairstyles by Nedjetti
From short styles to long, these natural hair pictures showcase the versatility of black hair in all its forms.
8 Step Flat Twist Hair Tutorial
Learn how to flat twist hair in this step-by-step tutorial with photos.
What Is a Dominican Blowout?
Although most Dominican blowouts are done on natural hair, some relaxed women love the light, feathery look this technique provides as well. What exactly can you expect from a Dominican blowout and how does it differ from the traditional relaxer?
Stripping Relaxed Hair: Separating the Myths...
Is there a product out there that can strip a relaxer from your hair, allowing you to go back to natural? Find out here.
How to Curl Hair (No Heat Required!)
Instead of reaching for that curling iron the next time you want to create gorgeous curls, try these gentle styling methods instead. Learn how to curl hair without heat seven different ways.
Black Hairstyles at the 2014 Spring and Summer...
Fashion Week 2014 was the usual blend of excitement, high drama, outrageous styles and memorable hair. Black hairstyles ran the gamut from long and poker straight to short and head-hugging. There was no shortage of out-there hairdos as well! Check out pictures of black hair from fashion week 2014 and get inspired, entertained or simply
Different Types of Protein Treatments
What type of protein treatment do you need to keep your black hair strong and growing long? Get suggestions for mild to intense treatments now.
5 Hairstyles to Protect Against Breakage
Want to keep your hair protected from the elements and experience less breakage? Then try any of these protective styles, which work on relaxed or natural hair. These hairstyles are perfect for the woman who's into healthy hair that grows!
Is There an All-Natural Hair Relaxer for Black...
Is there really a natural hair relaxer for black hair? Can you straighten curly and kinky hair without damaging chemicals and heat? Find out if there are alternatives to lye and no-lye relaxers in straightening black hair.
Life After Relaxers: 5 Top Transition Hairstyles
These five transition hairstyles are designed to work well for those who are making the change from straightened locks to a more natural look.
What to Expect as You Transition to Natural Hair
What can you expect during a transition to natural hair from chemically straightened locks? This timeline walks you through the process every step of the way.
5 Stages of Loc Hair
Find out what stages natural black hair goes through and what to expect as your hair locs
How to Make Your Twist-Out Last All Day
If you want your twist-out hairstyle to last longer than a day, how you prepare your twists is key. Take these steps when styling two-strand twists and twist-outs, and make those twist-outs last longer.
These Moisturizing Products for Black Hair...
Try any of these moisturizers for black hair and enjoy shinier, softer tresses that retain much-needed moisture.
Five Things to Do After You Remove Your Hair...
Now that you've removed your hair weave, what do you do next? Before you think about replacing it, you need to do these five things for the health of your hair.
6 Steps to Fixing Your Dry Hair
Dry hair can lead to brittleness and breakage. Put moisture back into your hair to help it flourish and grow as healthy as possible.
A Tutorial on Whipping Shea Butter
Shea butter can be difficult to smooth over hair or skin in its raw, natural state. Learn how to whip it so it's easier to apply.
Take Care of Your Hair Under the Weave
Find out how to take care of your hair when wearing weaves and extensions.
Do I Need a Protein Treatment in My Hair?
What are some of the different types of protein treatments and which one is right for you?
How to Create a Hair Regimen That Works for You
Once you have a routine down, hair care will be easier than ever. Need suggestions on how to design a regimen specifically for your needs? This article helps you create a hair care plan!
Lye vs. No-Lye Relaxer: What's the Difference?
This overview of lye versus no-lye relaxers gives you information based on your particular needs to help you make the best decision in straightening your hair.
When Your Hair Is Damaged
Hair damage can comprise your hair's health. Find out what's damaging your tresses and resolve to fix the problem today.
The Big Chop to Natural Hair: What Are the Pros...
Check out some of the pros and cons of the big chop before making a decision.
Do I Need to Oil My Scalp?
Should you or shouldn't you oil your scalp every day? Is this an outdated practice from times past?
Hair Color - What You Need to Know
What's the difference between temporary, semi-temporary and permanent hair color? Which is right for you? Find out everything you wanted to know about hair color here!
5 Myths About Natural Black Hair
Are these natural hair myths stopping you from embracing your texture? Debunk these common misconceptions and get ready to appreciate black hair in all its glory!
Learn How to Conditioner Wash (co-wash) Your Hair
Find out how to clean your hair and scalp with conditioner washing, leaving your hair moisturized and not stripped of its natural oils.
Does Not Washing Hair Make It Grow Faster?
If you've ever heard the myth that dirty hair grows more quickly than clean hair, find out the truth today. Never washing your hair is not good or desirable, but maybe you can benefit from a less-frequent shampoo regimen.
Best Ingredients for Black Hair
The next time you shop for hair care products, be sure and read the ingredients label. You want the best ingredients for helping black hair grow and thrive -- this list will get you started.
Transitioning Tips
No one said transitioning to natural hair would be easy, but you can make the process more bearable by following some tips.
Review of Kinky-Curly Hair Products
Review of Kinky Curly Hair Products for curly hair
Get Your Hair Clean With These Top Shampoo...
This list of great shampoos offers some of the best choices available to keep black hair clean and healthy.
Gray Hairstyles Pictures
Going gray isn't a bad thing when you have a beautiful hairstyle to go with your color. While many women choose to cover their grays, you may find inspiration on proudly sporting yours when you see how gorgeous it can look in this gallery of nothing but gray hairstyles on black women.
Black Hair and Swimming: A Guide to Healthy Locks
You don't have to avoid the water during the heat of summer because of your hair! Yes, you can swim, though you'll need to take steps to pamper your black hair so that it doesn't dry out and become brittle from the sun, salt or chlorine. This guide to black hair and swimming will keep your tresses healthy all season long.
What Is The Baggy Method for Black Hair?
The baggy method for black hair is a great way to protect your hair's dry ends when done right.
Bantu Knots
Picture of Natural Hairstyle Bantu Knots. Page 4.
Thinking About Going Natural? Find Out If...
Ask yourself these questions before doing the big chop or deciding to transition -- you may find yourself not ready or more than ready for the change.
Basics of Relaxing Black Hair
For the healthiest relaxed hair, it's important to follow a few basics of relaxing black hair, no matter if this is your first relaxer or you've worn relaxed hair for years.
Double Stranded Rods Hairstyle
Picture of Natural Hairstyle Double Strand Rods. Page 6.
When Is it Safe to Relax a Child's Hair?
At what age can you relax a child's hair? Is it even necessary?
Easy Ways to Stretch Curly Hair Without Chemicals
Tightly curled hair comes with its own styling issues. If your child has thick, highly-textured hair that leaves grooming sessions painful for the both of you, try gentle ways of stretching the curls for easier combing and brushing. These methods don't rely on chemicals, so can be used on very young children.
How Often Can I Flat Iron Black Hair?
Find out how often you can safely flat iron your hair to avoid damage, dryness and breakage.
What to Avoid When You Transition
You're transitioning to natural hair and you have a running style list to get you through the coming weeks and months, but do you know what not to do?
When Should I Touch-Up My Relaxer?
How long should you wait between relaxer touch-ups?
The Benefits of Wearing Hair Weaves
Believe it or not, there are actual benefits to wearing hair weaves and hair extensions. Find out what these protective hairstyles can do for black hair, when used correctly. They can much more than simply give you a quick style change.
How to Use Curlformers
A step-by-step tutorial on using Curlformers on black hair to get perfect curls
Curly Locs
Picture of Natural Hairstyle Curly Locs. Page 11.
Short, Two Strand Twists
Picture of Natural Hairstyle Twists. Page 9.
Versatile Coils Hanging Down
Picture of Natural Hairstyle Comb Coils. Page 8.
A Head of Gorgeous, Long Locs
Picture of Natural Hairstyle Locs. Page 5.
10 Best Tools and Accessories for Black Hair
Want to know which tools and accessories will treat your hair with real TLC? These 10 items will keep your hair looking great while being gentle to your delicate tresses.
Don't Go Natural If...
Even though natural black hair is usually highly textured, not everyone wants to wear her hair in its natural state. For some women, straightening and relaxing is a way of life. Just because natural hair is becoming ever more popular, following this trend isn't for everybody.
How Can I Get Curl Definition on Type 4 Hair?
Highly textured hair doesn't always show its curly nature well. Can you really get curl definition on very curly, kinky tresses?
Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing...
Product review of Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner
Long Comb Coils
Picture of Natural Hairstyle Comb Coils. Page 10.
Curly Braids
Picture of Natural Hairstyle Curly Braids. Page 7.
How to Wear Your Hair When You Sleep
Wearing the right style at night can keep your hair ready for effortless morning styling.
Love Short Hair? These Protective Styles Work...
There are ways to keep your ends up and out of the way even if your mane is only a few inches long.
How to Fix Split Ends
No one wants to suffer from split ends, but is there really a quick fix? Don't let a little problem turn into a big one by ignoring them.
Cornrows, Twists and Loosely Styled Hair, Worn...
Picture of Gelila Bekele Natural Hairstyle. Page 3.
Flattering Hairstyles by Face Shape
The most flattering hairstyles for different face shapes, including round faces, square faces and oval faces, as seen on celebrities like Queen Latifah, Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Taraji P. Henson and more.
Review of Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
A review of Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie, which is designed to work on thick, curly hair for better defined, more moisturized curls.
Ways to Care for Your Hair at Home
Think you have to visit a professional every time you want to care for your hair? Think again! Not everyone has the time or money to hit the salon when her mane needs attention. Luckily, there are some tasks anyone can do at home.
With Young Children's Hair, Less Is More
Very young children don't need a lot of styling tools and accessories to make their hair look good. Resist the urge to turn little ones into product junkies and instead let their hair look great -- naturally.
Which Starter Loc Style Works for You?
These hairstyles are some of the best for anyone wanting to start locs.
Pictures of Ombre Hair
Ombre hair pictures on black celebrities such as Chanel Iman, Raven Symone, Jennifer Hudson, and Ciara demonstrate how subtle or dramatic this style can be.
A Head Full of Coils
Picture of Natural Hairstyle Coils. Page 2.
Nighttime Hair Protection: Best Ways to...
Wearing protective styles during the day is good for your hair, but how you protect it at night is also important.
Interview with Amoy Pitters Hair Weave...
Who better to ask about hair extensions than a true expert? This exclusive with Amoy Pitters will answer many of your most pressing questions about adding enhancements to your style.
Short, Blonde Comb Coils
Picture of Natural Hairstyle Comb Coils
What Can I Do About Scab Hair?
: What Can I Do About Scab Hair? I stopped relaxing my hair three months ago and my new growth is rough
TWA or Teeny Weeny Afro for black hair
Review of Dr. Miracle's Damaged Hair Medicated...
If your hair is dry, damaged and/or badly in need of TLC, see what this review of Dr. Miracle's Damaged Hair Medicated Treatment has to offer you to help you make an informed decision.
Should I Press My Hair During a Natural...
If your ultimate goal is 100% natural hair, then pressing it during a transition may not be the best decision. See what you can expect if you try to make different textures match with heat styling.
How to Avoid Breakage During a Transition to...
Find out what your hair needs to avoid breakage, and loss of precious growth, as you transition from relaxed to natural hair.
Should I Twist My Hair When It's Wet or Dry?
Now that your hair is all-natural, you're exploring many different hairstyles and having fun. When it comes to two strand twists, you wonder whether you should twist wet or dry hair. There's no right or wrong answer to this question. Simply do what gives you the results you want.
5 Benefits of Protective Styles for Black Hair
There are some real benefits to wearing protective hairstyles, and boredom doesn't have to get in the way.
Organic Root Stimulator Lock & Twist Gel Review
Wondering if ORS Lock & Twist Gel is what you need for your locs or twists? Find out in this product review what it's all about.
When You Want to Relax Your Hair More Often
What if eight weeks is too long between relaxer touch-ups? Is it ever okay to relax your hair more often?
Extend the Time Between Touch-Ups
Regular relaxer touch-ups are important in maintaining a straight style, but you can go for longer periods of time between touch-ups if necessary.
How to Make Rosemary Hair Spritz
Are you inspired to make your own hair products? This easy rosemary hair spritz keeps your tresses moisturized daily while also promoting growth.
Why Won't My Hair Return to its Natural Texture...
If you press your natural hair straight all the time or only on occasion, beware too much heat. Your hair may lose its precious curl -- permanently.
Why Is Black Hair Dry?
Black hair is notoriously dry, but why is that? If you want to understand the science behind the dryness issue, this article explains why curly and kinky hair needs so much moisture.
Rihanna - Her Hair Through the Years
This huge picture gallery of Rihanna hairstyles profiles the singer from when she first hit the music scene until today. See the many different colors and styles the star has worn over several years.
How Long Will it Take My Hair to Loc?
The length of time it takes for one's hair to fully loc differs from person to person. Keep these factors in mind to see how quickly or slowly your hair can form mature locs.
Short Two-Strand Twists
Picture of Natural Hairstyle Twists
5 Ways to Jazz Up Your TWA
Think a TWA can't be versatile? Think again. Give your teeny weeny afro new life with these five styling ideas. Your hair may be short, but your creativity can go a long way toward creating different looks for that chic cut.
Use Your Rinse-Out Hair Conditioner the Right Way
There is a right way and a wasteful way to use hair conditioner. Find out the best way so that your hair gets all the conditioning and moisturizing it needs.
ACV Rinses and Their Benefits for Your Hair
Find out the benefits of using apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinses on black hair.
How to Give Yourself a Scalp Massage
Learn how to massage your scalp for relaxation and growth
Curlformers Review
A full review of the Curlformers product discusses sizes and results on black hair
How to Texlax Black Hair
Find out how to texlax black hair to retain body and cut down on damage.
A natural hair definition. Black Hair.
Do I Need to Base My Scalp When Relaxing My Hair?
: Do I Need to Base My Scalp When Relaxing My Hair? Ah, the good old days -- when a big jar of petroleum
Review of nuNAAT Karite Special Intensive Mask
Using a deep conditioner on a routine basis helps to keep black hair healthy and moisturized. This inexpensive option from nuNAAT is comparable to some salon brands.
Heat Training
Can you really train black hair to do what you want it to do?
How To Shampoo Natural Hair
Long or short, natural hair often requires additional time and tools to make sure it gets clean without tangling or matting. Here's how to shampoo those natural curls the right way!
How Often Should I Shampoo my Hair?
Daily shampooing is generally seen as a no-no for black hair, so what's a good shampoo schedule to maintain healthy hair and a clean scalp?
What Is Biracial Hair?
Is there such a thing as biracial hair or mixed hair, and what defines it?
How to Avoid Traction Alopecia
Traction alopecia is a major cause of hair loss in the black community, but it doesn't have to be. Find out how to avoid killing your hair follicles and losing your precious tresses.
5 Rules on How to Deal With Thick Hair
If you have an ultra-thick mane, you know it! These tips show you how to handle thick hair so that every day is a happy hair day.
Review of Mane 'n Tail Herbal Gro System
Mane 'n Tail has a new line of Herbal Gro products that promise to be gentle on black hair, while encouraging better health and growth.
6 Black Hair Trends to Try Now
Jill Scott Braided Hairstyle. Black Hair. Page 3.
Celebrities' Natural Hairstyles Pictures
Pictures of natural hairstyles on celebrities like Ledisi, Kim Coles, Solange Knowles, Jill Scott and more!
Top 10 Mistakes Transitioners Make
Transitioning to natural hair isn't as easy as it seems, especially if you're in it for the long haul and want to avoid a big chop. These mistakes that transitioners sometimes make can derail your hair growth efforts and lead to frustration. Avoid them if at possible for a smoother journey to natural hair.
How To Detangle Dry Natural Hair
This how-to guides you on working tangles out of dry natural hair without losing it all to your comb!
Review: Milk Protein & Olive Oil Really Deep...
Milk Protein & Olive Oil Really Deep Conditioning Treatment is a rich, creamy deep conditioner that will leave a tingle on your scalp while moisturizing your tresses.
10 Party-Perfect Hairstyles
When you have a party to attend, you want your hair to be on-point! Party-perfect hairstyles should make you feel gorgeous, whether it's a backyard bash or all-out gala. See how celebs like Nia Long, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jennifer Hudson and more rock it when it comes to getting ready for a fantastic party! Page 2.
How Can I Avoid Overprocessing Hair?
If you want healthy hair, sometimes what you don't do to it is as important as what you do. Avoid overprocessing your hair by not making these common mistakes.
Maintain Your Hair While Exercising
How can you maintain your hairstyle while exercising so that once your workout is done, your hair still looks good?
Does Black Hair Need a Clarifying Shampoo?
You've heard of clarifying shampoos, but you figured they were only for hair that gets oily buildup. Black hair can actually benefit from clarifying cleansers as well as other hair types.
Help! My Relaxer Is Overprocessed
What can you do if your hair is overprocessed with a relaxer? Before you cut it all off, try these steps instead.
Review of Nene's Secret
Nene's Secret is out -- and it's about great hair! This product line contains just about everything you need for fabulous curls and overall healthy tresses.
CURLS Products for the Youngest Set
Want a gentle line of hair care products to beautify your little one's curls? Then check out the entire CURLS' line, from shampoos to conditioners to gentle styling products.
How Do I Keep My Curls from Falling?
When you go through the trouble to style curls, you want them to last all day. If your curls droop by lunchtime, you want solutions! Find out how to keep your curls from falling so that your curly 'do lasts from morning until night.
M&M Products Milk Protein & Olive Oil...
M&M has debuted a new line of Milk Protein and Olive Oil products. See how each of these work and whether it's a product to add to your hair care rotation.
Should You Blow Dry Hair Before Flat Ironing?
You want fantastic straightening results, but you want it to be safe for your hair. Should you blow dry your tresses before flat ironing or not?
5 Healthy Hair Habits
If having healthier black hair is on your to-do list, see if you can adopt some of these healthy hair habits for maximum growth and retention.
5 Signs a Relaxer Is Damaging
Relaxing black hair has to be done the right way to avoid damage. These five serious signs show that chemicals may be wrecking your tresses.
Queen Latifah - Round and Bobbed
Picture of Queen Latifah Hair. Black Hair. Page 2.
Review of MIZANI Supreme Oil Products
With an infusion of ultra-moisturizing ingredients, MIZANI's Supreme Oil line of hair products are just what black hair desperately needs.
Why Is My Hair Thinning?
No woman wants to experience thinning hair, but first, you have to identify what's causing it. Some issues are medical, but more often, bad hair practices are what contribute to this problem.
How to Clean Combs and Brushes
It's not difficult to clean your combs and brushes, so even if this is a task you dread, it won't take forever if you do it on a regular basis. This step-by-step takes you through the process.
Tips on Maintaining Your Braids
Take good care of your braids or braided extensions with these maintenance tips.
What is a twists hairstyle? Black Hair.
Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End...
Are split ends putting a damper on your style? Cutting them is definitely a solution, but it's at odds with your desire for longer hair! See if Carol's Daughter has the problem-solver for you with its Split End Sealer.
Use These 10 Tips for At-Home Relaxers
Relaxing your hair at home can save you money, but don't sacrifice the health of your tresses to save a few dollars. Try these tips for a great relaxer job.
What You Need to Know About Being Natural
Wearing your natural hair is wonderful, as long as you know what to expect. There are plenty of good points, but some downsides, too.
5 Winter Hair Care Tips
A list of winter hair care tips for black hair

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