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Readers Respond: What's the Worst Hair Sin You've Ever Committed?

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Almost all of us have done something wrong to our hair at some point. Maybe it was the time you put a smoking hot curling iron on wet hair. Or maybe you relaxed and highlighted it on the same day. Hopefully, whatever you did wasn't permanent. Share your worst hair crimes and let's see if we can look back and laugh about our mistakes! Time to 'Fess Up!

Hair dye

I've gotten highlights and my hair has grown out of them so it's like a 2 inch gap in between my highlights and real color. My hair color is light brown. I want to dye it blonde and I don't want my hair to get fried or burnt in the process. My friend got her whole head dyed about 5 times and the fifth time, it started to look burnt. So should I care if I dye my hair blonde and then put a dark brown ombré at the end of it?
—Guest Hair lover

Dont do this

Ok, so I've gotten a relaxer on my hair many times, but this time I wanted highlights. I went to a new beauty salon because i couldn't get in touch with the person that does my hair. I went to the new salon and asked the girl to put blonde highlights in my hair; that night when I got home I brushed my hair out and all the blonde feel out! I cried the whole night because I didn't know that I wasn't supposed to dye my hair with the relaxer in it. The next day I called the person who does my hair and told her what happened. She told me I got the highlight too light.
—Guest IReallyMessedMyHairUp


When I was a college freshman I had my first & only relaxer from a salon with a great reputation. Several girls I knew had one & their hair looked great & was easier to take care of. The cream burned my scalp & I had them wash it out before the time was up. My hair was dead straight & came out dark brown instead of its normal jet black. In a few weeks my hair started to break off. I'd comb it & it broke off in handfuls til it was twa short. I also had some scalp damage. It was then that I found out just how fragile my hair was. I had destroyed my wonderful head of thick fine hair :( Long story short :trichologist treatment for about 5 years til it grew back. I was told never to have another lye relaxer or I'd lose all my hair.
—Guest NubianPrize

the worst ever

I have probably dyed my hair (BOX DYE) about...45 times. Not kidding. I was obsessed with dying it in high school...and I have always cut it myself...but the ends are so dead and my hair just looks like crap all the time because I killed it so badly. I used to have long, beautiful blonde hair and now it won't grow and the color will never be the same.
—Guest horriblehair


Wish I never would have gotten them ever!loving my natural hair!!
—Guest Rett

I Hate Red Hair

I got my hair dyed red and at first I liked it, then I realized a.) Blondes DO have more fun b.) It looks REALLY ugly c.) I CAN'T PULL OFF RED LIPSTICK ANYMORE! Help
—Guest Chloe Moretz

hair today gone tomorrow

I have thin hair. My scalp is dry. I have figured a way to somewhat have thick hair that grows. I relax my hair once every 4 months. Moisturize my scalp every night. Buy I had my hair braided and the braids were way too tight and because I wanted the style to last I didn't undo the braids. When I finally took out the braids, my hairline was gone. Gone with the wind. I cried that night. And vowed to chop all my hair off. But later decided I have seen worse hairlines. It'll grow it back. And I'll never get braids on my hair ever again.
—Guest P.L.H

Gave stylist "free reign"

My biggest mistake was after growing my hair for over a year, I have a number of split and damaged ends. It needed attention and I went to a stylist a couple friends raved about. Well I had just broke up with a guy and was feeling down. I thought a "new look" would cheer me up. Well the jerk hacked my hair with a razor, burned my scalp with a curling iron and charged me way too much. My hair frizzed from the razor attack. I looked terrible. Luckily my new boyfriend is good with the shears. It took over a year and a half of proper trimming to regain an attractive look to my hair. NEVER AGAIN will I give a stylist "free rein" on my hair. Last three years have been at-home trims, free and minimal amounts removed. Never again will I let a so-called pro hack my hair, not happening to this lady.
—Guest Charlene


I recently found out I have low porosity hair so I would always do deep protein treatments every time I washed my hair. It would leave my hair so dry. And not taking care of my hair; weave and heat thinned out my hair so much! Never putting a weave back in my hair AGAIN!
—Guest Christel

just for kicks

I totally used to use dishwashing soap to wash my hair when I was in high school... too lazy to go to the store... and... when I ran out of moisturizer, I would use body lotion on my hair...I'm surprised I had any hair at all...
—Guest tom-boy gon wrong

these are a few of our favorite things

A long time ago I bleached my hair then a month later I chemically straightened my hair from a box. Bad idea. I love my curls and waves Lol
—Guest kittenlove

2 Things to Never Do!

1) NEVER, NEVER go swimming, do a lazy rinse-out, and then get a relaxer. Your hair will come out in the shampoo bowl. Been there! 2) Remember the relaxer "so pure, you can eat it"? Well, I went from 14" hair to 1 and 2 inch hair all over my head. Thank goodness for the "pixy" do!
—Guest Sharon

Oooooh Hellllll No!

My worst hair sin was letting a friend put in a box relaxer kit. I don't know what went wrong but shortly afterwards, I started noticing that my hair would come out when I brushed or combed it when it was wet. My hair grows well but was all uneven from the breakage and I was developing a mini fro from the new growth under the damaged hair. I'd resorted to wearing wigs. That was September of 2012. In February, 2013, I had the relaxer cut out and evened up. My well below shoulder length hair was now about 1 1/2 inches long. Today I wear it natural and do the co-washes and other helpful info from your website. I absolutely love my natural hair!! I've only had it blow-dried and flat-ironed once. I noticed the curl pattern changed a little and don't plan to do it again. After a year, it is almost back to its pre-relaxer-gone-bad length. I've gotten creative with styles in the natural form... from up do's to afros. I find it easy and maintainable to have natural hair. Love It!!
—Guest Lady Leo

Beauty hurts

It was a day before the beginning of the new school year, and my hair was looking like a wild puffy mess, so my mom did my relaxer. Since I was 6, my mom has always done my relaxer, and it couldn't be left on for 5 minutes before my scalp felt like it was on fire. I would never get straight results. But this time I really wanted to get my hair straight before I started 8th grade, so I told my mom to let the relaxer stay on for the recommended time. I sat watching tv with the relaxer on my head though clenched teeth. It was like people stabbing hot needles in my scalp. Tears were starting to form in my eyes when it was finally time to wash it out. She neutralized it 3 times and shampooed 3 times, and boy did it hurt afterwards. Funny thing is, I went through all that and my hair STILL was puffy and nowhere near straight. Scabs formed all over my scalp and hair. I tried picking them out but it hurt to the touch. I swore to myself never to relax again. I have been transitioning for 2 months
—Guest Mya DeSouza

my worst hair sin

Honestly not knowing how to take care of my hair and not cutting my ends. I was never taught these things or had no desire to learn until I got older
—Guest sharnette n

Time to 'Fess Up!

What's the Worst Hair Sin You've Ever Committed?

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