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Readers Respond: Your Dominican Blowout Experience

Responses: 24


Have you had a Dominican blowout? If so, share your story, whether it was a great experience or a nightmare. Did you love it, hate it, lose some hair over it or is the best thing that's ever happened to your mane? Share Your Story

Love it!

This is my first experience and I must say, I love it. My hair is silky and straight. I'm natural and haven't had any heat on my hair in about 6 months or more, so I went in with a head full of curls. The lady that did my hair was extremely gentle and did apply a heat protectant before rolling my hair. She was very gentle...no sore head for me. Not sure how often I'll go yet, since it is quite a bit of heat.
—Guest Jasmine

Dominican blow dry the best!!!

I have over 20 years treating my hair with Dominicans and they are simply the best! I travel a lot for business, and whenever I see myself forced to try something else, it has been horrible experiences. Dominicans specialty is the way they train twisting the brush! It's amazing how the effect of rolling the hair without letting go of the tension and applying the proper hotness can do to your hair. I am biracial and my hair is fine, wavy and frizzy. There's a misconception that Dominicans are best with coarse, kinky hair but no, they do great job with ANY type of hair. My hair is very long and I LOVE the natural bouncy hair look I get when a Dominican does my hair! Try it and don't pay mind to haters trying to bring them down just because they had one bad experience.
—Guest Myra

bitter sweet

I loved the end result but the way they would pull it and put the blow dryer on high and straight to my scalp was crazy.
—Guest kwazi


I am suprised that only people from D R can do a good Blow out. In Europe you can get it done everywhere. Spain, Sweden, whenever. It is included in all trainings to become a hair dresser. In Scandinavia it takes 3 years if you do it formally but there are private schools where you can do it in 1.5 - 2 years. Courses included are chemistry, ecology/environment, so they are well educated and know how to treat your hair. I don't understand those people who put their hair in the hands of people with a month's training and then get surprised that they cant handle hair.
—Guest Leena

My first blow- out

I loved the end results! I also love how quick the whole process took. There was no one eating, talking on the phone, or leaving in the middle of completing your hair to pick up their child. The price was also great, much lower than a typical salon for women of African American descent.
—Guest Latisha

Love It!!

I have had my hair natural since 2006 (locs) and cut them off Dec 2011. I've been growing my fro and went to this Dominican shop on Cascade Rd in ATL. Yeah, the wait was long but perfection has only happened instantly once (Jesus Christ). The results were so beautiful. The price was great and the customer service was excellent... I can tell this will be a special occasion type thing because I'm scared of damage but I will definitely be getting it done again!!!!!!
—Guest Crystal

Cont... one size does not fit all

If u had a bad experience once, don't lump all Dominican Salons into the bad category.U have good stylists who care about your hair & bad stylists who don't care if they mess your hair up, regardless of Nationality. Just bcuz a stylist is from DR, doesn't mean they'll automatically do a good job. There are stylists of other nationalities trained by Dominican Stylists in the technique that are great as well. A good salon, Dominican or not, will do a new client consultation for all chemical services and upon request for a simple wash & set with blowout & address your concerns before they perform the service. Intimate salons tend to pay more attention to detail, salons that are run like assembly lines not as much. Prices are very different regionally. NYC is the cheapest, but also the state with the most pseudo licensed stylists. Credentials are easily bought in DR that state an individual attended beauty school & then they apply for license reciprocity in USA. Some, NOT ALL, do this.
—Guest Ty

One size does not fit all

The Dominican Blowout is a technique perfected by beauticians in DR. All Beauticians who specialize in this technique are not alike & I think the mistake that a lot of women make is thinking because the stylist is Dominican, they will do a good job. Not always the case. U have to do your due diligence, especially if your hair is damaged or damages easily! Ask clients who are leaving questions, pay attention to details like the blow dryers, do u see paper in the back where the filter is? Is the filter in the back filled with lint or hair? If so, the dryer is fixed to be hotter than normal, which is fine for some hair, not so much for others, especially damaged hair. In the wrong hands, this dryer will burn your hair, in the right hands, they will know how to direct the concentrator away so that your hair is not burned. Can they speak English? Or is there someone on staff that can translate your needs and concerns clearly? If not, u may not want to try chemical services there just yet.
—Guest Ty

Domican Hair Salons

My experience is very pleasant every time I go. I have been getting my hair done there as long as I can remember, well since i was 8, (I'm only 13) and I love it. At first I wasn't used to it because all of the heat but now I am & it doesn't hurt, and where I go they are very understanding if it's too much heat. I honestly don't have to tell them to turn it down because they know how I like getting it done.
—Guest k

Blow out

It was amazing...my hair was silky and soft...I will be able to stretch my hair out for about 6 months. I will continue...thank God my first time was amazing
—Guest Purple lady


I received the Dominican Blowout for the 1st time a month ago which was in February 2013 and it was a blessing from GOD for me. And I will return. Ladies, before any stylist does your hair please pray for their head and heart. I say this because spirits, bad or good, can be transferred from head to head and heart to heart. So pray first and you will have the best results with any stylist. It's all about putting GOD 1st with anything. I was taught to pray for people and anything that I wanted. Praying to GOD Almighty has never hurt anybody. Try it, you'll love the results GOD gives you!!!
—Guest Ann

Dominican Blowout is the best thing for

I started going to the Dominican shops around 6 years ago. My hair has NEVER been this long before. I do take my own shampoo and I only go maybe once a month. I do not put any heat to my hair once its done by the Dominicans. If you have thick coarse hair I recommend it. If you have thin fine hair it can be too much heat for you.
—Guest Carolyn

Awesome experience

The first time getting a Dominican Blowout was terrible. The heat and the burns turned me against getting them, but I decided to get another blowout a few months later. This time around the experience was sooooo much better. I was able to wear my hair nice and straight for 3 weeks. It is a wondeful experience, but you have the right person to do it.
—Guest Tiffany

It was amazing! (:

Hi everyone. My name is Ceddranique, and I'm 13 years old. The first time I heard of a DB was from my friend, Darian. She's mixed. (I'm just African-American). & she had told me she gets them, along with the Brazillian Blowout. So I did a little reasearch and watched some YouTube videos, (they were verrrryy informational). I told my Mom about them and she did research too. She set up an appoinment, and they washed like 6 times, sat me under the dryer for about 45 min., conditioned, then put rollers in, then back under the dryer for about 20 min., they then took out rollers & used a steam blow dryer & flat ironed. My hair looked GREAT! It was a wondeful experience!!(: And my Mom says I don't ever gave to get a perm again, so I'm pretty happy. :D
—Guest Ceddranique Stewart

The WORST hair experience of my life !!!

I am African American mixed with Native American & some Irish...and my hair ( which is coarse ) was healthier BEFORE I got the dominican blowout, than after. My hair was healthier when I used relaxers BEFORE I got the dominican blowout. The blowout ( which I got only TWICE...with a long span in between ) RUINED my hair. I'm very gentle with my hair, they treated it like it was nothing & was SO rough even after I told them to be gentle. The detangling was horrible since they combed my hair WHILE STILL SOPPING WET. And blow dried for 40 min straight. I don't know HOW woman go through [this]; is everyone stupid? This DAMAGES the hair & esp. mine. I would NEVER, EVER wish a dominican blowout on my worst enemy. If your thinking about doing this, DON'T. Your hair will thank you, trust me just try something else don't put your hair through this nightmare.
—Guest E.

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