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Readers Respond: Reactions to My Big Chop

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Loving my fro

I did the big chop over 2 years ago. My permed hair felt like straw. I couldn't do anything with it so I cut it all off right down to the scalp. I liked the way my head felt, so I kept it that short for about a year. Now I am letting it grow so I can have a nice sized, full fro. It is liberating to not have to worry about putting my hair in rollers and retouching. When I cut all of my hair off, the only negative comment I got was from a little boy at the mall who told his mother he thought I was a boy.
—Guest Josie

Mean Muggers

I've worn my hair short for over 20 years. But after a horrible haircut and awful color(Ronald McDonald red) I decided to buzz it off like Sinead O'Conner. I was shy about it at first but my man assured me that I was just as beautiful. When I went to work the next day, my co-workers and patients were shocked! The majority just stared at my head:-( Many of them complimented me by saying that only I could get away with it because I have a pretty face. But dare I say that one bat who wears a wig that looks like road kill made a comment that I needed a wig!!! I was like wow!!! What a bitty!!! I am more confident now! Although it takes no time at all for my hair, I take longer applying make up. I love it! Once it get a little longer and thicker, I will color it blond.
—Guest Pinky

be strong

It took me forever to finally go natural...I was scared because I'm the girl who always wears sew-ins so people seeing me without hair, I was nervous...I was more so concerned of what people would think rather than what I truly wanted to do... my hair was neck length. I finally built up the nerve to go chop off all my hair. When I made my first appearance, it was like girl, why you cut your hair? lol. I even have a random woman say, I don't like your hair... (I didn't know people could be so rude) but the big chop will give you confidence 'cause at first I just thought I would cry, but my only con would be not having much to do but I'm excited for the growth. Natural is really a trial and error thing and remember what works for one person may not work for you.
—Guest B.

On The Way To Natural

I never really had that much control of my hair as a kid. My mother loved the crap out of the creamy crack. Over time, my hair was just damaged, limp and completely lifeless. I decided to move out and live with my boyfriend of four years. He and his family (who is Caucasian, by the way) was always puzzled at the fact that I adore curly hair and used a curly iron to achieve the curly girl look, but I continue to relax my hair and ruin my natural curly texture. After thinking about it, it definitely made sense and I transitioned for almost 5 months before seeing the true texture of my hair. It was beautiful, shiny, healthy and filled with gorgeous coils. After growing out 5 inches of new growth, my boyfriend's mother and I went to the salon and said goodbye to the relaxed ends. I felt so liberated and free. My boyfriend even loved the TWA! I can't wait until the hair grows out and I can achieve the hair that I have always wanted.
—Guest LovingNaturalAlready

My Big Chop

I did the big chop 2 years ago in September and it's been the best decision I've ever made. I've kept it short and now I'm trying to grow it out but it's so hard to keep from cutting it to keep it short because I love the style so much. Getting it to the longer stage will be hard because my hair grows unevenly. The front grows the fastest, the back or "the kitchen" grows almost as fast, the crown is still struggling. I haven't once cut the crown area yet since I've done the BC. Right now, I'm looking at ways that I can possibly speed the growth of my hair to just one area that way I can have even growth and keep from cutting my hair all the time just so it can look even. I consider this to be a new hair journey for me, starting today.
—Guest Sugarlips101788

Chop Or Transition?

My natural curl pattern is Gorgeous. I got my last perm In June Of 2013. Recently I have been wearing Sew-in's...When I took it down and saw my new growth I fell in love with my curls so I decided to cut perms out of my regimen. It's really hard styling my curly roots and straight ends but it's really worth it. BIG CHOP COMING SOON (:
—Guest Lola

Rockin It

I did my big chop yesterday 10/16/13 and I have a fade. I was surprised my barber cut so much off but I'm glad he did. I've read about scab hair and that's all gone. I love feeling the sun on my scalp and brushing my hair/scalp with shea butter is so relaxing and soothing. I'm doing prob about 100 strokes a night. My boyfriend lives out of state but I sent him a pic. He is not feeling it though. I was a little hurt that he doesn't like it but after we talked about it, he understood. By the time he sees me, it will be grown out. I'm sure once it starts growing out, I will have better control of it. This will be the shortest my hair will ever be. I'm Rockin It to the fullest!
—Guest Tracey

Big chop..

Well. I transitioned for 7months, every month, my mom chopped an inch off.... I wore air dried roller sets, and sew ins mostly roller set though.... At the end of August 2013 after a week of wearing my Jerry curl weave I told my mom I was ready for the chop... The back was mostly natural anyways... Now the top was like a fat kid running cross country (nothing against chunky kids, 1/2 of my family is big boned) but it's kind of straight but it has been cut down. I now have kinky twists, they've been in since August 20th. I will take them out in November, of course I will wash, condition and refresh my twist.
—Guest Trendy

It's done...now what?

I just did my big chop10/6/13 unintentionally. Now I have about an inch of hair as well. I am scared, happy and excited all at the same time but at a loss as to what to do from this point onward. I am hoping I don't panic and go back to creamy crack.
—Guest Shuga_Shay

My BIG Chop

I did my big chop after about 6 months of transitioning. I was so fed up with my relaxed ends that when I saw the first sign of breakage, I chopped. I felt so relieved, so free when I looked in the mirror. I love the idea, but I've always had insecurities about my hair and when my bf didn't like it I got braids. Can't wait to see the growth after about a year.
—Guest Finnisse

my BC

When i BC I was like it will grow Back and it was dry and all my haters was like I'm baldheaded but wateva I love my natural hair it is growing and I'm happy so that is all that matters!!!!
—Guest Hailey


I just did the big chop today on October 4, 2013. I got my last relaxer on August 8, 2012. I was scared to do it. However, I was so sick of the knots and tangles. My stylist convinced me that once I got rid of the relaxed ends my hair would be easier to manage. I have about 4 to 5 inches of new growth. I am wearing a two strand twist. I like my hair but I miss the 6 inches of relaxed ends. I got 2 compliments right after leaving the salon. I must admit I was a little afraid to go in the house. My husband loved my long hair. To be honest with you, he thinks that the length is a temporary hairstyle. At first he said "did you cut your hair." I said I cut some of the relaxer out. He said didn't I tell you @$ ;. It was so funny. Seriously he really don't know how much hair chopped off. Eventually he will though.....I change the subject every time he say something about my hair....I love my texture. It has a nice curl pattern....I was regretting on the way home. I know I did what was best :)


My big chop was kind of spur of the moment. I had been transitioning since April of this year and I planned to transition for about a year so I would have a decent amount of length. But after getting a HORRIFIC weave and being fed up with the whole weaving process I decided to BC on August 21. I was extremely nervous during the cut about what I would look like and what my boyfriend would think of it. At first I wasn't a fan of my hair cut because I had no curls and looked like I had a high-top fade lol. But after A few weeks of patience & product exprimenting my curls are beginning to form and I absolutely adore my hair (my boyfriend loves it too, he can't keep his hands out of my hair :\ lol) and I'm talking about how this is the best decision I've ever made. I love my cute little curls and I can't wait till my hair starts growing out more.
—Guest Janissa

Big chop

I just did my big chop 10/2/13 and I have about an inch of hair. Unsure of what to do next, but glad I did it
—Guest Kristen


I want to thank Big Chop Coming Soon. My husband is not on board but there is something to be said about getting older and feeling you're in another place. I too am new to transitioning and have decided to cut in between braiding in hopes that by February I can cut what's remaining. I am a little nervous because I don't even remember how to take care of my natural hair since Ive been relaxed so long. I do know however that there is a lot of support and am glad to be taking better care of myself by going natural.
—Guest #cant wait

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