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Add Volume to Fine Hair


Try these 5 methods to make your fine hair look fuller!

Problems & Solutions
Black Hair Spotlight10

Do I Need a Protein Treatment in My Hair?

What are some of the different types of protein treatments and which one is right for you?

Pictures of Nicki Minaj Hair Styles

These Nicki Minaj hairstyle pictures showcase just how varied the entertainer can be when it comes to her tresses.

Why Is My Hair Breaking Off?

Stop bad hair care practices right away and leave breakage in the past.

5 Ways to Jazz Up Your TWA

Give your teeny weeny afro new life with these styling ideas. Your hair may be short but your creativity can go a long way toward creating different looks.

What to Avoid When You Transition

You're transitioning to natural hair and you have a running style list to get you through the coming weeks and months, but do you know what not to do?

How to Clean Combs and Brushes

It's not difficult to clean your combs and brushes, so even if this is a task you dread, it won't take forever if you do it on a regular basis. This step-by-step takes you through the process.

How to Texlax Black Hair

Find out how to texlax black hair to retain body and cut down on damage.

What Is Biracial Hair?

Is there such a thing as biracial hair or mixed hair, and what defines it?

Earth's Nectar Review

Earth's Nectar product review covers conditioners and curling agents like Nourish, Coconut Curls and Honey Curls.

Short Hairstyles for Black Hair

These pictures of short styles worn by celebrities like Halle Berry, Kelly Rowland, Eva Pigford and more may just inspire you to get a short snip!

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