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How to Save Time on Hair Styling

Easy Ways to Prepare Your Hair for Morning Styling


Some women love to spend time styling their hair. This is admirable, but even these hair-loving ladies can find themselves time crunched some days. For other women, who can't be bothered with hairstyling that lasts more than 10 minutes, they may be looking for quick and easy ways to get ready in the morning. Try these time-saving tips for styling that 'do that will find you ready to go in minutes.

1. Wrap It

If your hair is relaxed, pressed or straightened in any way, one of the best ways to protect it at night and save time in the morning is to dry wrap it. Wrapping hair tends to be easier on shorter hair than very long hair, but anyone can master this technique of wrapping hair around the head. In the morning, all you have to do is take it down, run a brush or comb through it and you're all set to go. Wrapping infuses natural volume and gives your ends a gentle bump, which allows you to forgo the curling iron to curl those ends. Less heat = healthier hair.

2. Roll It

Rollers have come a long way from being those uncomfortably hard torture devices that made a good night's sleep all but impossible. You don't even have to roll all your hair; place them where needed to add body and bounce. Satin-covered foam or sponge rollers are comfortable enough to sleep in. One trick to try is to loosely pull your hair back into a ponytail, using a covered elastic to hold. Only roll the ponytail, using one to several rollers as needed. Cover with a hair cover and you're ready for bed. In the morning, remove your rollers for gently curled ends that don't require heat, just a comb or brush through.

3. Bun It

If you think buns are boring, you're not exploring all of the cool options in hair accessories. Forget bobby pins -- you can use hair clips, hair sticks, plastic pins and much more to create an elegant bun or chignon that's simple and chic. Buns or updos work with all hair types, although hair needs to be at least almost neck-length to succeed with these styles. Pull your hair straight back, part it in the center or low on one side. You can switch up your bun look with various accessories and even bun covers. Tight buns, loose buns, braided buns, twisted buns; with bangs or wispy tendrils, or without -- you have plenty of choices. With practice, you may be able to style your hair into a chignon within minutes, allowing you plenty of time for other morning pampering routines.

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