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Black Hair Problems and Solutions

Is your hair very dry, thinning, breaking off or otherwise damaged? Find out what triggers these problems, as well as what you can do to fix them. Use these solutions to get your hair healthy and back in shape.

What to Do When Your Relaxed Hair Is Overprocessed
An overprocessed relaxer is, unfortunately, not an uncommon problem. Find out what to do if a bad relaxer application happened to you.

Co-Wash Mistakes to Avoid
Co-wash the right way to get the most benefits.

5 Steps to Grow Back a Thin Hairline
A serious problem for too many women, a thin hairline or edges aren't unavoidable. Find out how to grow back a sparse hairline and enjoy thick hair once again.

What Can I Do About Dry Ends?
Keeping your hair's ends well-moisturized doesn't need to be an exercise in frustration. Find out how to combat excessively dry ends, no matter the length of your hair.

10 Bad Things to do to Black Hair
What are some of the worst things you can do to black hair? See if you're committing any of these hair "sins" and if so, put a stop to them immediately.

How to Add Volume to Fine Black Hair
If your tresses are lacking body, try these tips to get a fuller-looking mane.

Why Is Your Hair Not Growing?
If you want longer, stronger tresses, look at how you treat your hair on a daily basis. There may be a number of good reasons why your hair is not growing. Do any of these bad practices sound familiar? If so, break your bad hair habits today!

How Do I Keep My Curls from Falling?
You've carefully created a head full of gorgeous curls, so make sure they last. These tips show you how to keep curls from falling during the day.

How Can I Avoid Overprocessing Hair?
Avoid overprocessing your hair by not making these common mistakes.

Why Does My Scalp Itch
Find out some common causes of dry itchy scalp in black hair and what you can do to alleviate this common problem.

What's the Worst Thing You've Done to Your Hair?
It's time to 'fess up! Now that you know some of the 10 worst things you can do to black hair, what's the most serious hair crime you've committed against your innocent tresses?

What Can I Do When My Hair Takes Forever to Dry?
You know that too much heat is bad for black hair, but what can you do when it takes forever for your mane to dry?

Interview with Tiffany Masiello-Helt of Precision Laser Therapy
Suffering from hair loss and don't know what to do about it? There may be hope for you. An innovative new system uses cold lasers to treat clients' hair loss and stimulates new hair growth. If you want more information, read this interview with Tiffany Masiello-Helt of Precision Laser Therapy to see if this system is right for you.

How to Avoid Traction Alopecia
Don't let this condition happen to you!These four tips can help you avoid the trauma of traction alopecia before the hair loss becomes permanent.

5 Ways to Stop Hair Breakage Now
Don't let breakage happen to you! If your hair has already begun breaking, try these tips to stop breakage in its tracks.

Before and After Pictures of Precision Laser Therapy
Sometimes, you really need to see pictures as proof that a system works. These before-and-after shots of Precision Laser Therapy clients will show just how effective the system is in regrowing hair.

3 Signs You Need a Hair Trim
One of the last things a woman who is trying to grow longer hair wants to hear is that she needs to trim or cut her ends, but this may be exactly what she has to do in order to have healthy, stronger hair that retains its precious length.

6 Steps to Fix Dry Hair
Suffering from excessively dry hair? We'll help you figure out ways to boost your hair's moisture level and take preventive steps to banish dry hair for good!

What Can I Do About Braids That Are Too Tight?
Can you do anything when braids are so tight, they hurt?

Why Is My Hair Breaking Off?
Hair breakage is a serious concern for many people. Find out some of the top causes of breakage so that you can pamper your tresses back into great shape!

Why Is Black Hair Dry?
Looking into the science of black hair? This oft-asked question has a good answer.

What Happened to My Natural Curl?
If you press your natural hair straight all the time or only on occasion, beware too much heat. Your hair may lose its precious curl -- permanently.

When Your Hair Is Damaged
Suffering from severe hair damage? Find out what causes it and what you can do to prevent it in the future.

Why Is My Hair Thinning?
If your hair is thinning, it may be possible to reverse this problem. See some common reasons black women experience thinning hair and if there's anything you can do to stop it.

How to Fix Split Ends
Is there a quick fix for split ends? Find out what you can do if you suffer from this annoying hair problem!

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