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Natural Black Hair Care

So you enjoy wearing your hair chemical-free, but caring for natural black hair is very different from caring for relaxed styles. See how to care for locs, twists, braids, Afros, cornrows and more for your best natural look ever!
  1. Transitioning (8)

My Locs Are Falling Out
Losing locs can make you anxious. Find out what's causing it and how to stop it.

5 Things You Need to Know About Being Natural
Many women love their natural hair. But if you're looking to return to your natural tresses, there are a few things you need to know.

Braid Maintenance Tips for Black Hair
These maintenance tips for braids keeps them looking good and keeps your natural hair healthy while wearing them.

What to Do if You Hate Your Big Chop
Even if you were excited about your big chop and being natural right away, not everyone loves this short cut once they get it. What can you do if you hate your big chop?

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses on Black Hair
Check out these benefits of ACV rinses on natural hair.

Ways to Appreciate Black Hair Shrinkage
Your hair falls to your back when stretched, but shrinks to your ears when it's not. Find out how to embrace shrinkage instead of dreading it.

Don't Go Natural If...
Even though natural hair is enjoying a huge renaissance, not everyone wants to take part. If you love wearing your tresses straightened, maybe being natural isn't for you. There are some bad reasons to go natural.

Interview With Tamika Fletcher: Earth's Nectar
Tamika Fletcher, creator of Earth's Nectar and some of the most natural products for black hair, dishes advice and product info in this exclusive interview.

Five Great Reasons to Big Chop Today
Cutting off all your hair and starting from scratch can be a scary idea, but these five great reasons to big chop today may melt all your fears away!

6 Things Curls Love
Do you want curls that thrive? Then you need to know what your curls love. Give them these six things and you and your curls will be very happy!

6 Things Your Curly Hair Hates
Want your natural hair to rebel? Then give it these things which most curls hate. Your curly hair won't thank you!

Should I Twist My Hair When It's Wet or Dry?
Newly natural ladies often find experimentation a big part of discovering what works and what doesn't when it comes to their tresses. Twisting wet hair vs. dry hair nets you different results, but either way is just fine, depending on the look you want to achieve.

How do I handle negative comments about my natural hair?
Not everyone feels the natural hair love. Whether it's someone close to you or a total stranger, how do you handle negativity about your hair?

Responding to Negative Comments
Once you return to natural hair, don't be surprised if you encounter some negativity along the way. How do you respond to negative comments about your natural texture?

What Are Some Protective Styles for Short Hair?
If you want your hair to grow longer, retaining precious growth is key. What if your mane is too short for protective styles like braids and buns? Do you have other options? The answer is yes!

Diane Bailey Interview
Diane Bailey began natural hair education well before the natural movement was widespread or popular. See how it all started, what her personal product recommendations are and much more in an interview with this natural pioneer.

5 Ways to Jazz Up Your TWA
Some women avoid the big chop because they're afraid they'll be stuck with the same old style every day until their hair grows out. Your TWA doesn't have to look the same, when you give any of these five ways to jazz it up a try!

Are You Ready to Go Natural?
You may think you're ready for natural hair, but sometimes the journey is more complex than we think. Ask yourself these questions, and really examine your answers, before making the decision to return to natural hair.

What Can I Do About Scab Hair?
If you're transitioning to natural hair and your new growth isn't what you think it should be, it could be scab hair. Find out how to deal with it so that you can enjoy your new-found natural locks.

What Is Biracial Hair?
With more biracial and multi-ethnic people gaining prominence in the media, and more adoptive and birth parents caring for mixed children, questions arise about "biracial hair." Is there really such a thing?

Can I Straighten My Natural Hair Without Heat?
Natural curls offer a great deal of versatility, and occasional straightening can even be achieved without heat. Find out how!

How Can I Get Curl Definition on Type 4 Hair?
Why is curl definition such a big deal to some? And can you really get it on kinky tresses?

Pros and Cons of the Big Chop - The Quick Path to Natural Hair
If you're trying to decide whether or not "the Big Chop" is the right method for your return to natural hair, see if these pros and cons can help you make the best choice.

Share Your Big Chop Stories
Did you do the Big Chop? How did friends, families, co-workers or total strangers react? Are you happy you did it? Or did you miss your hair? Share your Big Chop story with others who've done it!

10 Curly Hair Tips for Well-Defined Curls
Getting well-defined curls isn't rocket science, but it does require following some basic rules. See if these 10 curly hair tips (curl commandments, if you will) can help you get those perfect curls you've been looking for.

Different Styles for Starting Locs
Freeform locs are one thing. What if you're looking for a style that eventually grows into mature locs? Try one of these different styles for starting locs and you'll be on your way to a headful of locs that anyone would envy.

What to Avoid When You Transition
Even if you know how long you want to transition and you have a running style list to get you through the coming weeks and months, do you know what not to do? Ease your way into natural hair and avoid these common pitfalls during your transition.

How to Conditioner Wash Your Hair
Heard of conditioner washing, or co-washing, but can't embrace the idea of no-shampoo? See how conditioner washing is done (it is cleansing!) -- you may jump on the "no 'poo" bandwagon, too!

5 Stages of Loc Hair
Your hair will go through several stages before it's fully loc'd. Try to enjoy the unique characteristics of each (even those teenage issues!)and your locs will be mature and rooted before you know it.

Transition Timeline - What to Expect as You Transition to Natural Hair
No matter how long you choose to transition to your hair's natural texture, here is some of what you can expect during this process.

How to Shampoo Natural Hair
Learn how to shampoo your natural tresses to avoid tangles and breakage.

How to Make Your Twist-Out Last Longer
Take these steps when styling two-strand twists and twist-outs, and make those twist-outs last longer.

How to Detangle Dry Natural Hair
While detangling black hair is a task best done when the hair is wet, there are times you'll need to work through tangles on dry hair. Here's how to do it with no pain and no tears!

5 Myths About Natural Black Hair
Several myths abound about natural black hair, leaving many women afraid to embrace their hair's natural texture. What's true and what's not when it comes to natural hair?

Transitioning Tips
Need advice on how to make it through the transition from relaxed to natural hair without lots of frustration and bad hair days? Try these transitioning tips and have a good hair day every day.

How Long Will it Take My Hair to Loc?
Locking hair doesn't happen overnight. Your natural texture has a lot to do with how long it takes locs to form.

Natural Hair Care
A collection of natural black hair care articles

Review of Curls Cashmere Curls Leave In Conditioner
A good leave-in conditioner does a lot in moisturizing your curls. Cashmere Curls leave-in is a great consistency and full of good-for-your-hair ingredients.

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