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Perms, Relaxers, Texturizers and Straighteners

You love the ease of styling relaxed or texturized hair, so find out how to best care for your chemically treated tresses so that they're as healthy as can be. What to do, what not to do and different types of chemical processes are discussed.

How to Texlax Black Hair
If you want other chemical options besides relaxing and texturizing, find out how to texlax your hair instead.

8 No-no's for Relaxing Black Hair
Don't let any of these relaxer mistakes happen to you!

10 Tips on Relaxing Black Hair at Home
These 10 tips on relaxing hair at home will get you the sleek look you want without damage.

5 Signs a Relaxer is Damaging
Relaxing has to be done with care to avoid damaging your scalp and hair. Beware any of these serious signs of chemical damage.

How Often Should I Change Relaxer Brands?
Is it necessary to change hair products such as relaxers every now and then?

How Do I Keep My Curls from Falling?
Your tresses are relaxed, but sometimes you want to switch up your straight look with curls. Keep your curls from falling with these tips!

Do I Need to Base My Scalp When Relaxing My Hair?
Does this extra step really make a difference when relaxing?

Is There an All-Natural Hair Relaxer for Black Hair?
Anyone seeking an alternative to harsh chemical relaxers may be looking for a natural product, but does it really exist?

7 Tips on Maintaining Healthy Relaxed Hair
Relaxed hair, by its definition, undergoes controlled damage in order to straighten it, but maintaining this hair in a healthy fashion is possible with several simple steps.

All About the Brazilian Keratin Treatment
Interested in a Brazilian keratin treatment to straighten your hair? Find out everything you wanted to know before you make that appointment.

Lye vs. No-Lye Relaxer: What's the Difference?
If knowing the difference between a lye vs. no-lye relaxer has you confused, you're not alone. Get the scoop on what makes up both types of chemical straighteners to find out which is best for you.

Relaxers vs. Texturizers
What's the difference between relaxers and texturizers for African American hair?

Are Texturizers a Good Way to Transition to Natural Hair?
Are texturizers natural? Are they a good solution to dealing with super curly hair? See what the real deal is when it comes to texturizing and natural hair.

Basics of Relaxing Black Hair
What do you need to know about relaxing black hair? Do it right and enjoy straight locks every day. Here's what to do and what not to do when it comes to relaxers.

When You Want to Relax Your Hair More Often
What if eight weeks seems too long between relaxer touch-ups? Is it ever okay to relax your hair more often?

When Should I Touch-Up My Relaxer?
How long should you wait between relaxer touch-ups?

Can I Strip a Relaxer from My Hair?
Is there a product out there that can strip a relaxer from your hair, allowing you to go back to natural right away? Find out here.

Extend the Time Between Touch-Ups
Whatever your reasons for wanting to extend the time between relaxer touch-ups, here are several ways you can go between touch-up periods without suffering a style breakdown.

What Is a "Silkener"?
Wondering what a Silkener™ is and what it can do for your hair? Curve Salon, Inc. developed this trademarked technique to "tweak" natural curls. Read the FAQs on the process to see if it's for you.

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