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Extend the Time Between Touch-Ups


There are various reasons why you may want to extend the time between your relaxer touch-ups. It could be because you're trying to save money, or you want to get chemical processes less often. Just because the recommended time frame between touch-ups is eight weeks, there's no rule that says you have to get one when week eight rolls around. If you're trying to make that relaxer last as long as possible before touching up your new growth, try these tips:

Try More Wet Sets

Rely more on wet setting your hair instead of blow-drying. Not only are wet sets gentler, but you can easily create curlier styles that won't show a big difference between new growth and previously relaxed hair. If you have a hood or bonnet dryer at home, this is something you can do yourself. Even if you go to your stylist for a wet set, a shampoo and set are usually less expensive than a touch-up.

Blow Dry it Straight

You can straighten your roots with a blow-dryer if you want, but this should be done a maximum of once or twice a week. Use a comb attachment for additional straightening, as well as a heat protectant product to minimize dryness and damage.

Forgo Bone-Straight Styles

Instead of wearing your hair stick straight when it's time for a touch-up, try curly or wavy styles. As with wet sets, your new growth won't be as obvious when your allover hairdo is curly. If your relaxed hair has some kind of curl left to it, you can wet it, apply mousse or setting lotion, and let it dry.

Keep Your Length Longer

Hair that's very short and tapered around the ears and neck will need touch-ups more often if you want to keep your look uniform. If you wear your hair longer, new growth won't be as obvious. Everyone doesn't want long hair, however, so if shorter styles suit you, consider bobs or other looks that don't feature closely cropped areas.

Try Extensions

You can always add extensions if you want to skip the touch-ups for a while. Individual braids, two-strand twists and cornrows with extensions will last at least several weeks. You can also opt for a full-head weave, keeping your natural hair protected underneath.

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