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Hair Products

With all of the hair care products on the market today, what should you use? Don't get lost in a sea of gels, pomades, mousses, setting lotions, moisturizers, oils, shampoos and conditioners! Read our reviews and articles and see what's best for your hair type and style.
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Earth's Nectar Review
Earth's Nectar is a natural product line designed to work with black hair. See how the Nourish and Coconut Curls conditioners, as well as the Honey Curls styling agent, do their jobs!

Biotin for Hair Growth: The Pros & the Cons
Should you take biotin in order to get the incredibly long hair you want?

10 Great Oils for Black Hair
This list of 10 oils for black hair can help you find the right oils for you, whether you use them on their own or find them in your favorite hair care products.

Creamy or Liquid Leave-in Conditioners
When it comes to leave-in conditioners, are creamy and liquid ones created equal? Which is best for you?

Nothing But Melted Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner Review
Looking for a creamy leave-in? Nothing But Melted Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner may be the moisturizing product you're after.

You Know You're a Product Junkie When...
Just for fun, this list of 10 product junkie signs may clue you in that you've got a bit of a problem!

Great Things to Use for Pre-poo Treatments
If you pre-poo regularly, or are looking to start, try any of these ingredients/products for a great pre-shampoo treat.

NuNaat RealMe Product Review
An entire product line dedicated to bringing out the best of your natural texture, see what NuNaat RealMe has to offer.

Great Moisturizer Products for Black Hair
Whether you choose natural or commercial products, your hair needs some type of moisture to prevent dryness and brittleness. These time-tested moisturizers have proven themselves great choices when it comes to keeping black hair soft and supple.

Motions Straight Finish
When it comes to thermal styling, the products you use are key to getting a great look and avoiding damage. Motions' line of Straight Finish products are designed to give you maximum straightening while protecting delicate tresses.

Great Shampoos for Black Hair
Don't want to use trial and error when it comes to finding a good shampoo for your hair? This list takes the guesswork out.

Review of Karen's Body Beautiful Naturally Chic Collection
A leader in the natural hair care market, Karen's Body Beautiful does it again with this sweet-smelling collection perfect for keeping your hair beautiful.

Review of Nubian Heritage
This entire line of products is made to address black hair's specific issues of dryness and manageability.

Review of Mizani Supreme Oil Products
Hair care company Mizani introduces a line of ultra-moisturizing products perfect for black tresses. See what the Supreme Oil line can do for your mane!

Review of Mane 'n Tail Herbal Gro System
Mane 'n Tail presents a line of products designed to encourage better health and maximum growth!

Jane Carter Natural & Curly Hair Essentials Kit
Everything you need to style natural (or transitioning) hair is in one convenient travel-size kit. Jane Carter Solution provides start-to-finish styling aids that curly girls will love.

Carol's Daughter Monoi Oil Split End Sealer Review
Although trimming away split ends is always the healthiest option, sometimes you just don't want to! If you can't make it to your stylist right away, see if this Carol's Daughter product can help your style still look sleek.

Motions Naturally You! Review
Motions offers natural women a range of affordable products that work on keeping curls vibrant and voluminous with its Naturally You line.

Review of the "Nothing But" Product Line
The line of "Nothing But" products is exactly that; nothing but good ingredients for healthy black hair.

Review of Kynx Hair Products
See what Kynx has to offer! This may be your new favorite hair care brand.

Review of Curls Cashmere Curls Leave In Conditioner
A good leave-in conditioner does a lot in moisturizing your curls. Cashmere Curls leave-in is a great consistency and full of good-for-your-hair ingredients.

Review of Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
A review of Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie, which is designed to work on thick, curly hair for better defined, more moisturized curls.

Review of Kinky Curly Hair Products
Want gorgeous curls? Then you need the right products. Read my review of Kinky-Curly, a line full of curl-friendly products that may give you the soft, well-defined curls you're after.

Review of Curls Curl Souffle Curl Cream
Looking for a soft, lightweight holding product that won't weigh down your curls? Then the Curl Souffle Cream from Curls may be just what you need.

Review of Ion Healing Jojoba Flat Iron Cream
Ion Healing Jojoba Flat Iron Cream is inexpensive and really delivers as a great heat protectant, perfect for heat styling of any kind.

6 Ways You Can Save Money on Hair Care
Not a celebrity, but want your hair to look as good as one? Try these budget-friendly tips on taking care of your hair that won't break the bank.

Review of Curly Hair Solutions Extenzz
Got curls? Then you know about shrinkage, and not the laundry kind! Read this review of Extenzz, from Curly Hair Solutions, to see if it's the non-chemical curl relaxer you've been waiting for.

How to Whip Shea Butter
Are you interested in mixing up your own hair products so that you control what goes on your precious locks? If so, this whipped shea butter (and coconut oil) tutorial is a great start to creating kitchen mixtures that are natural and healthy.

M&M Products Milk Protein & Olive Oil Hair Products Review
The Milk Protein & Olive Oil Hair Products line for adults is a good companion to M&M Products' Sofn'free n'pretty line for kids. See what M&M has to offer your hair.

Best Ingredients for Black Hair
Before you buy your next bottle of shampoo, moisturizer or hair butter, look at that long list of ingredients to make sure you're not getting any bad-for-your-hair surprises. Here's a list of just some of the best ingredients for black hair.

Review of Carol's Daughter Khoret Amen Hair Oil
When it comes to hair, think "natural," as in natural hair care products. Read this review of Carol's Daughter Khoret Amen Hair Oil to see if this is what your hair's been thirsting for.

The Sofn'free n'pretty Product Line
Sofn'free n'pretty presents two distinct product lines specifically formulated for young girls' hair. Full of natural ingredients and moisturizers, the GroHealthy and Olive & Sunflower Oil lines are designed to repair damaged hair. Get her healthy hair back and watch it grow by using these good-for-hair products.

Organic Root Stimulator Lock & Twist Gel Review
Wondering if ORS Lock & Twist Gel is what you need for your locs or twists? Find out in this product review what it's all about.

Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Review
Well known in the natural hair products market, what makes Hair Milk from Carol's Daughter so special?

Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Butter Review
Read this review of Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Butter and get the scoop on this all-natural product that's made for relaxed or natural hair.

When to Save and When to Splurge on Hair Products
You don't always have to spend a lot to get great hair products that work. Here are six save-or-splurge options to consider if you're wondering if everything expensive is worth it.

Save or Splurge on Black Hair Products
Find out when you should splurge on shampoos, conditioners, gels, heat tools, oils and hair accessories, and when it's best to save your money.

Dr. Miracle's Coconut Milk Leave In Conditioner Review
Add an inexpensive leave-in conditioner to your hair product collection to revive dry hair. A good one to try: Dr. Miracle's.

Review of Nene's Secret
The secret is out, at least where great hair is concerned! Nene's Secret is now available for all your different hairstyles.

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